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  1. Who gets moved once everyone is healthy?

    Nobody gets moved. Depth is a good something. There's more often than not an injury. 
  2. CDC Short term memory

    LOL this message board is ridiculous. You can say that about any post on the front page. 
  3. CDC Short term memory

    You all seem to have some memory loss. I see everyone complaining everywhere about how the young guys are being under used. Does nobody remember how Horvat was introduced to the league? He was used VERY sparingly at the beginning of last season, even up until the 3/4 mark. It was prob thanks to this that he was so effective in the second half, and that his confidence was so high in the playoffs.  Believe it or not WD knows more about hockey, and about rookie development than all you hacks. He is developing his young players properly. Slowly, as to limit their mistakes.  These kids are not used to playing this many games in such a short span of time. They need to be introduced slowly or they'll have no gas left by late December. 
  4. Faith in Benning

    I have faith in Benning. Its too bad that our clueless fan base and media will get impatient with the rebuild in about two years to the point that he will be fired; a couple years shy of his team being legit.
  5. You will all think im nuts here.. but virtanen horvat baertchi will be a cup winning second line... not first....
  6. Ferland is being allowed to headhunt by the league

    i have bigger issue with all of the blatant charging. almost half of his hits are HUGELY blatant charging calls.
  7. Happy with this decision. The antics at the end of the game didn't need to result in a suspension to anyone. The fine to Hartley is justified IMO.
  8. Love Dorsett but way to much cap hit for a bottom 9 role player in this cap era.
  9. This Is Our Year

    LOL at this post. We are a middle of the pack team. Far from the deepest. Get your head out of the clouds. Could we get hot, get some good goaltending and go deep? YES! Is this likely, NO.
  10. Lack or luongo

    7 game series for the cup. Luongo all day long. If you take Lack you are nothing but a clouded homer Canucks fan.
  11. You will get flamed for this but you are correct. Unfortunately the majority on this forum are complete homers (nothing wrong with that) and have their heads in the clouds.
  12. Chicago's what, 10th? 11? Dman gets acquired and slots pretty much into our top 6.. maybe even higher than that. Don't get me wrong i think its a great pickup but it just goes to show where our defense is at compared to top contenders.
  13. The first 4 replies of this thread is a shining example of how this forum has gone downhill in the last few years. Used to be an awesome place to lurk and post... not just over modded sad state of affairs.
  14. kassian and bieksa for lucic pls
  15. Most of you are living in a dream world it appears. Absolutely no way he is paid under 4.