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  1. While I find it disgusting that some are saying for us to run Matthews, I DO think someone has to break all Kadri's teeth. By elbow or stick, those teeth need to go.
  2. No, because it's tiresome to read posts from fans, upset that we aren't getting worse and losing more. These fans calling for a tank all the time are probably not the ones attending games.
  3. This is exactly the way I feel, that first reply moron must be an idiot tanker. Tankers are the worrrrrrst.
  4. The media's disdain for Vancouver is nothing new and will never change.
  5. Gives us a shot at making the playoffs, nice. I guess tankers are going to complain.
  6. Because finishing low always gets you a high pick, oh wait.
  7. Tankers = human garbage Please, just start following soccer or baseball.
  8. You're brilliant, please tell me you gave the Canucks brass a resume so we can have your great mind involved in the construction of a cup contender *crosses fingers*
  9. Jesus, this is a great example of the trash that is a large portion the Canucks fan base. Just absolute human garbage. Unreal.
  10. I can't wait for Seattle to get a team, because I've been mortified by this fan base for so long. At least half of Canucks fans are just straight up garbage.
  11. Get down off the ledge, its only sports, not worth killing yourself over. Also, maybe take up a hobby.
  12. I'd like to land Lucic over Eriksson because I don't think we are going to make a push for a cup soon, but it would be nice to have a tough player with skill, to play with younger players and give them some room out there, to develop for a future cup run.