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  1. It's fantastic to see some posters calling that arrogant geek out. The rare time he has a decent point the smug holier than thou attitude always has to surface as if he is being paid to share his opinions by the Canucks. Evidenced by your post showing how horribly incorrect he constantly is, you would think he would have learned some humility after this season, apparently not.
  2. gdt

    Extremely sloppy game from Bart tonight.
  3. So much hostility lol, I didn't mean to offend you I apologize. Please try to have the correct player next time you talk down to another poster.
  4. Can you lay off the condesending holier than thou attitude and just respond like a normal person? You have opinions, that's it, stop acting as if they're gospel. He was talking about Ballard by the way.
  5. Best thread in CDC history. fantastic