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  1. gdt

    Extremely sloppy game from Bart tonight.
  2. So much hostility lol, I didn't mean to offend you I apologize. Please try to have the correct player next time you talk down to another poster.
  3. Can you lay off the condesending holier than thou attitude and just respond like a normal person? You have opinions, that's it, stop acting as if they're gospel. He was talking about Ballard by the way.
  4. Excellent post. The amount of hostility shown by people who disagree with the opinion that we need to have some down years to get high picks is embarrassing. "you're a loser" is a response to an opinion that many on this forum and the hockey world believe? Grow up. You hit the nail on the head, can somebody please explain to me how getting embarrassed by a team with no playoff experience helps develop our younger players? Seeing your experienced vets completely crumble with very poor efforts and little pushback over 4 years hardly seems to benefit this team. I think it's time to take a different route than the one that has us cupless over a 43 year span. Here in Vancouver we are too hesitant to change, be it players, the front office or coaching. Being average and making the playoffs or just missing them is what this franchise has done since it's inaugural season. And for the last time, if this team continues to trot out the same veteran core that they have for the last decade then fans will stop coming regardless if the playoffs are a reality. We could not sellout playoff games this year, what makes you believe it will be any different next? Our fan base is ready for the youth movement, and the losing that comes with it. Nobody is saying tank, but its time to stop this attitude that making the playoffs and getting destroyed in the first round is a successful season. Where are the Vancouver Canucks today without being able to draft Henrik and Danny?
  5.     Out of curiosity, what would you consider a successful season? Myself and many fans DO NOT CARE about regular season success when absolutely no progress is made when it really counts. I was quite happy with this seasons turnaround until this team once again showed their most consistent play comes in April, and it is consistently subpar. While you are correct about Chicago's new ownership, you conveniently downplay that without their high draft picks ( Towes, Kane, Seabrook, Crawford, as well as early 2nd rounders including Bolland & Keith).. That team, no matter how much money the owners were willing to invest would be mediocre. Where would Vancouver be without the Sedins? I do not support a full tank , but I will not stand behind the same line up of Core Veterans that have failed to show up for the playoffs. One last point to all the fans worried about the Canucks losing money if we arent competitive... We already are losing money with this 100 point team that made the playoffs, our fan base is tired of losing and thankfully unlike the Oilers and Leafs zombies, they vote with their wallets which forces management to act. How is it in any way a bad thing that the overpriced Canucks tickets are not selling out? Maybe I can watch more than 1 game a year live.
  6. Well put. And seeing how easily the ducks handled the same team last night makes it all the more difficult to swallow. If the Canucks played with any consistency they would have beat the flames, and then proceed to get rolled by the Ducks lol.
  7. Yep, that fan base has completely turned me off from ever having anything to do with the flames. The way they called out Alberts for faking when his injury resulted in retirement will stay with me forever.
  8. Lol, oh believe me brother, flames are my most hated opponent, I have absolutely no sympathy for their fans. This is a fantastic birthday present. Although it really hammers home how much work our nucks have ahead of them.
  9. Hahah, think of this as payback! This game is surprising in the fact that it's going exactly like I and many ther posters thought it would. When faced with the threat of being hit, the flames are a completely different team.
  10. You are such a dork. We are enjoying watching a team we hate lose, grow up.
  11. I love it! Let's go Ducks..( I feel dirty) But I hate the flames soooo much.