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  1. Your sons are true patriots...loved all their renditions!! Keep up the great work. Chevy55
  2. hey Kanucks25, you made some bold statements...have no idea if you know what you are talking about, but bold none the less. I think your talkin out your arse, but at 12k posts, seems odd to stir up controversy if you have no idea...if your trollin, I'll neg you at every corner...



  3. Auger is guilty of being biased...plain and simple..and Alex and the Canucks should not be penalized for bringing it to light...quack, quack
  4. I never blog, and yours is the first I have read Ryan, but have to say great getting to see more of you than just a tv/game place figure. I truly wish you well, and hope some of those shots hit more protected spots than not, as you are a great Canuck Warrior that is inspirational to watch. A man that truly works through the pain for his pay cheque...a true workhorse. Hope you get back on the ice real soon my friend. Cheers
  5. As my young fella says, Fin you rock...and he still loves his signed Fin doll...Way to rep VanCity bro!!