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  1. Can we just stop saying goes Virtanen is a good prospect for us? That's like saying Gaunce is going to turn into a 30 goal scorer next year.
  2. You don't think Larsen skated into Hall at all?
  3. You have the best username on this entire forum.
  4. Do you remember when the Canucks got like 3 suspensions in the same year all against the Oilers? Every single one was with the Oilers' players skating the entire rink with their heads down. At some point, the onus is on the player. They teach it to you at an early age, keep your head up, kid. Teammates also yell out "heads" for this very reason. If you're caught puck watching, you're likely going to get hit. Hall was one of those players that got hit that season by the way, so he knows a thing or two about keeping his head down.
  5. Hate to break it to ya, but hockey might not be the sport for you. I'll advise you to watch ringette? It's kind of the same. Maybe stick to men's though, I hear the women are kind of vicious.
  6. Of course it was. Nearly every collision is avoidable in hockey. What's your point? He made a great hockey play. Unfortunate incident happened. It's how she goes. If he doesn't get injured, then we are all "Wow what a great hit, can't wait to see that on the highlight reel tomorrow". He just got injured. We used to love Scott Stevens for these hits. Now we should just avoid them? These people are playing for money, and part of their jobs is playing defense. Hitting and separating people from the puck is part of defense. It was a great defensive play. He didn't target the head, he let up, kept his elbows tucked, didn't charge, didn't flare his elbows. He did everything he could have (aside from just letting him skate by him) to keep Larsen safe. What else do you want from him?
  7. This is hockey. You hit people in hockey. What should he have done? Just let him skate away with it?
  8. Thank you. These people need more hockey knowledge.
  9. Doesn't even hit him with his shoulder. Maybe biceps.
  10. I'm just glad Willie didn't challenge the goal so we could use that pivotal time out.
  11. What the &^@# is a discreet malicious headshot?!
  12. The Hutty/guddy combo is getting walked around tonight
  13. This board will say reffing is awful. It's been bad for both teams though. They forgot we got a gifted 5 on 3 for no reason lol