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  1. This is gonna be an extremely tough challenge for the boys. If they win they're going deep, if they lose then well, it's expected. These are the last guys I wanna play in the first round hahaha. If you thought the Wild were tenacious, get ready for this one. It'll be great experience for the young guns.
  2. He's apparently not very happy with a particular person on these forums that can sometimes ruin the experience here. I can relate but said person has been good lately.
  3. We finally played the way we needed to offensively tonight. We weren't making plays up the ice (always zipping it out and dumping it in as opposed to catching guys with speed in the neutral zone) and Marky had his worst game is the season and we still won because we played the right way. And not a game too soon. We need to carry this play out because of we play this way defensively and offensively and Markstrom is back to himself we can have a great run. Side notes: Juolevi played a quiet great game. Mac and Beagle need more ice time because their forecheck is amazing since they've linked up. Hughes is back to normal which is scary for the opposition. Why does Edler look like he can skate again??? Bo proved me wrong immediately after I said he needs to step up lol. My poor wife, I woke her up celebrating on our honeymoon. Ah well, &^@# her, I deserve this! Haha jkjk
  4. Tanev has been prime Tanev. Unbelievable. What a stud. Also nobody talking about Fantenberg. He has a great game today. Edler has been playing great after game 1 (prime Edler). Hughes finally has his confidence back. He's settled in and that's why he looked great tonight. Stuck to his game. Rouss played well! Myers sticking up for the team. Olay but for the negatives, if they can funnel the puck off the board to the middle of the ice ala the Petey goal, they will find huge success. Minny is playing the wall too much and opening up dangerous spots on the ice but the Canucks are playing extremely safe hockey. We could have won that game by 6 goals if we wanted to play offense. Overall good team defense (weirdly enough). Also Newell Brown &^@#ing sucks.
  5. Gotta make them feel like they almost played good enough to win. Good game plan. If they play like that again we should win again.
  6. That's good they scored. Now they're not gonna feel like they got blown out. Hopefully next game Minny plays like this because they played absolutely horribly tonight.
  7. Yeah I've never seen cross-checking been called so much in my life, including pre-season.