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  1. So you think he'd stand out more, unlike those weaker teamed defenseman who put up more points than he did and had better +/-
  2. Well he definitely didn't improve.
  3. Why has everybody been overhyping Brisebois and Virtanen? Juolevi has regressed as well. He's not even the best defenseman on the Knights. Demko is going to take some time as well, probably a couple years. His fundamentals weren't there. Super agile, but you need to have a solid technical base to turn out like Schneider did. He does have the work ethic though, I'll give him that. Boeser should be at the top of everybody's list.
  4. So you want to rebuild like the Oilers? Here's what you do. Get rid of your good players, accumulate picks. Let picks develop. Let them develop poorly. Have a couple first overall busts, create a lazy team atmosphere, create a losing atmosphere. Get rid of players who were good prospects, but are lazy now and don't have the compete level necessary and trade them for players who want to compete. Still be terrible team, but at least some effort is there. Acquire outstanding goalie in free agency. Still play awful. Acquire generational talent at first overall pick. Succeed with new core of players that weren't drafted and generational talent. Success. You made it to mid-level playoff conference rankings. ------- Or let's go the Toronto route. Get rid of good players for picks. Be terrible. For years. Acquire more picks from being terrible. Get the odd good player through draft. Still be terrible. Get rid of some draft players because they also came up in losing environment and lack compete levels necessary to succeed. Be bad again. Draft #1 overall talent again. Succeed! Limp into playoffs, get eliminated first round but hey, you blow expectations out of the water that the young legs all reached a good season at the EXACT SAME TIME kind of through luck. Cross your fingers for following years that success replicates and #1 draft pick continues to have 40 goal seasons. ------ You want success, you need top of generation talent, supported by a really strong D-core. Need a good top 9, very good top 2, strong top 4 and a good playoff goalie. We keep giving away our top talent, and we continue to leech off of the bottom until we luck out. Young guys need to know how to win games. Can't win games with no defensive defensemen. Most good teams build from the defense out, play a trap game until they can accumulate scorers (what the Canucks did prior to 2011). Tanev will still have trade value into his early 30's. Rushing young defense into the fold to have them start off well and fizzle into average players (like Hutton did) due to losing environments is not a good idea.
  5. You people have way too much faith in the drafting of prospects. You're shipping away a great leader on and off the ice, who is one of the top defensive defensemen in the entire league and shutting offense down, and you're trading that for a small chance at a good player. Not even an outstanding player, but just a good one. There have been many first rounders for us that haven't made any impact on our club, or have yet to do so and you want to trade an amazing defenseman (who by the way don't come around very often) for a chance to get what? Another Tanev? A 50 point player? We got ourselves into the mess of being a crappy team by trading away our good d-men, so why do we keep wanting to continue this trend? So we can mimic the Oilers of the past decade? Got rid of Jovo, Mitchell, Salo, Ehrhoff, Ohlund and other decent guys who created some of the best defense in the league at the time and we're pissing it away again. Who do we have left? Stecher, decent, but regressed towards the end of the season. Sbisa, can be good but overall just a decent player. Gudbranson, has flashes of good but sometimes overcommits Hutton, started off like Stecher but lost his confidence and sometimes we see glimpses of a good player but certainly not a stud defensively Edler, I agree we should trade. He won't net much but he won't help the team tremendously either like Tanev would. Biega, good depth defenseman, can slot into the top 4 but still doesn't have the IQ that Tanev does defensively. Who will be the rock on the back end? Stecher is the closest to that position, but it's not close (hopefully one day we can dream he gets that good), then maybe Gudbranson? Are you guys trying to tank harder than last year?! At least make the games enjoyable before we kill these young kids' dreams of winning a few games. Can't have Miller bail us out every single year with phenomenal goaltending again. That's the only reason we were close in games this year.
  6. Vilardi sounds like Bo Horvat. Good hockey IQ, has skill, but lacks footspeed. If he goes to the same camp Bo went to, then we might have it made haha.
  7. So we can use our awful pick next year and another good player to get a d-man as good as Tanev?!
  8. It's too positive from you guys with the conspiracy theories. They wouldn't let them know. Ron's just being a dick because he knows we will be fifth.
  9. We're getting 5th! Let's go, boys!!!
  10. The reason he's up so high is because he's a natural finisher. Halfway through the year he was in the top 2 for best finishers. Other players have much better hockey iq, but don't have his finishing talent. I agree probably not a top 5 pick but he's more of a Vanek type player. Has the skill and potential to be a great scorer but lacks other parts of their games.
  11. You're not gonna get a return that's worth a Tanev, and if you do, you lucked out. Unless you net a player like Taylor Hall then forget it. Not worth it.
  12. Yep gonna go with 5th with teams nobody cares about like Carolina, Phoenix and Las Vegas getting top 3.
  13. Well there goes Tryamkin. Oh well, he wasn't committed to the team so he likely wasn't going to commit to improving either. Screw him.
  14. As somebody from Edmonton, no.
  15. Just give Subban a goddamn chance at least next year. I don't care if he's not good enough he's earned a damn chance at least. Lord knows Hutton's fallen off and still can't play defense well, so might as well give an actual OFD a chance.