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  1. My biggest worry is he doesn't play hockey very well (disclaimer: in comparison to his teammates on the same level).
  2. I'd rather he be good at hockey over corsi. Let's see how well he can put up points, play physical and also stay healthy and in shape.
  3. I'm not knocking Demko, but he's just a style of goaltender that isn't one you can rush into the big leagues with. A guy like Laurent Brossoit on Edmonton you probably could, but if he can pick it up quickly he will be phenomenal. His ceiling is Jonathan Quick's, as I find those two to be probably the closest comparison. Can certainly steal games, but rely heavily on agility to make big saves.
  4. Lack wasn't as good as Schneider technically, but he was still light years ahead of Demko. Demko relies on agility. There's video proof of goaltending coaches talking about Demko saying he's still a long ways fundamentally when he first came to the team from Uni on CanucksTV. Look at Demko in the WJC, closer to Hasek than he is a Roy. And the only way he reaches Schneid's potential is if he way over-achieves. Schneider was extremely solid technically and was also agile. Demko is more agile but it's wayyyy off technically. His angles aren't as good, his post-work isn't as clean but he does have a good sense on plays. And Lack was also good before he got pushed to be a starter. There's a reason why Demko's numbers aren't even close to Schneider's in the AHL. Fortunately we have good goalie coaches in Vancouver so Demko should pan out but he needs to play much better at higher levels to even come close to being an elite prospect. He's hyped up from his stellar performance at Boston U, but hasn't exactly adjusted to the higher levels of play yet. And I wasn't saying Lack was on the same level of Schneider, just that he's a higher level goalie than Themko was at the same developmental level. Lack was a phenomenal goalie in the AHL because he had decent form. He was a poor mental goalie though and that's what's burning his career out.
  5. I still think Demko is higher than Juolevi, however I place Dahlen above both of them. Demko has potential but he's not reaching it anytime soon. He lacks the fundamentals that made guys like Schneider and Lack good.
  6. 5.5 I think would be fair long term. He hasn't put up enough points consistently in my opinion to warrant more than 6. I'd be really happy with 5.
  7. Thanks for the upload that was awesome to watch. Glad he tried to move down, unfortunate he couldn't get it done but I like that he tried.
  8. I'm still pissed we didn't re-sign him. Seemed like a no-brainer to me. Great cap hit, had an outstanding season before and Markstrom regressed a bit. Always a good fail-safe move here.
  9. Dipietro in my opinion was a steal at 4th round
  10. I didn't care for our first round pick too much (largely due to not much knowledge of it) however I love the rest of the draft.
  11. Really?
  12. We are picking!
  13. I'm glad he's on the phone. As long as it's not for anything lower than 7th.
  14. Looks like they're trading down.
  15. 24 points (a total of 11 goals and 7 powerplay points) in 65 games aren't top 6 numbers so I wouldn't say any way you slice it. Is he better than that? Definitely. But he only had a handful of games he showed much potential for that ability. If he continues like that, he'll have to be a cap dump contract. If we get rid of him, I'm sure we can find a player equally as efficient at putting up 30-35 points a year for far less money and not in a declining age.