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  1. Kyle Connor's game will be harder to translate without really good teammates in the NHL. He's more like Louie Eriksson in the fact he knows where to be in the right areas and he can get an otherwise poor shot off effectively in tough situations, but even if you look at his highlights, most of them are putting the puck in wide open nets. Obviously has skill, but with weak linemates, he's not potting that many points again.
  2. Naslund-Sedin-Bure Lumme-Jovo Schnieder
  3. I didn't even read the content and used my very rare downvote once I saw it was downvoted to hell already.
  4. I honestly don't care too much I'm just excited as hell to see all these guys develop!
  5. Like come on. This needs to be on the list.
  6. Rypien vs Hal Gill. The David vs Goliath of hockey fights. Wasn't the most damaging fight I've ever seen but I've never seen more heart put into a bout.
  7. And when his contract is done, I'd love to re-sign him for cheap again. He should always stay a Canuck.
  8. He's got high expectations because he has an amazing shot and a quick release. One thing he's good at is getting good shots off in typical situations where they're tough to release from. One of the toughest things to do as a kid coming into the NHL is to get yourself into positions to get scoring chances. His high level shot will grant him a lot more scoring opportunities necessary than the average prospect because he doesn't need to get open and settle into a shot. That's what makes me excited. Is he doesn't need elite players around him to set him up, he can just get himself a little bit of room and accurately target the net. However, we will see how effective he is at getting his shot off. I believe if he can learn that quickly, then he will become a 30 goal scorer for us eventually. Kids got a hell of a shot and good hands.
  9. I'm way too damn impatient with these American programs. I can't handle not watching our prospects come in until half their damn careers are over!
  10. Watch this video: http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/canucks-ink-defenceman-troy-stecher-contract/ Might clear stuff up.
  11. Young prospects. He should have played preseason. He was a big standout last year. They never gave him the chance because they knew he was going to go to the farm.
  12. Actually the video I was watching was talking about Boeser playing another year in North Dakota. God I hope not.
  13. Ahh then the video I watched must be old and referring to this past season. Thanks my dude.
  14. Actually, I'd say he's lower in the depth chart for sure. Seems like Benning wants him to play another year in the NCAA.
  15. I'm from Edmonton, watched him on the Oilers. He's not a high level prospect, unless he developed really well in the KHL. Because there's a reason why he only played 30 games with the Edmonton Oilers of all teams. He was okay, but nothing really shiny about how he plays. And you're right, not a whole lot of experience with Subban or Stetcher. But Subban should have been tried out last year because he was outstanding in pre-season, and if you look at his offensive game, he's NHL ready in that department. Will need to be better defensively, but that's why you try it out. Hutton wasn't ready and we still put him in the NHL. First pairing to boot. Subban has a great shot, great hands and solid IQ offensively. It's whether he can handle the defensive aspect. And again with Stecher, not really too much knowledge but he does have great vision offensively. TSN and sportsnet were adamant before Canucks signed him that whichever team will pick him up will be happy with him. He's a dark horse for the Canucks. You could definitely argue that Larsen is higher on the depth chart, but I just think that Stecher will surprise based on the reports have been floating around.