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  1. In my opinion it's easier to sell a single, vs a pair. I had only a single seat for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 season tickets and they sold well. The market is usually less congested in single ticket listings vs listings for a pair. Most of the time I get more payout when I sell a single vs a pair. You can probably relocate to a really good seat as well, if you are just looking for a single seat to relocate to. For example , I relocated to a single seat in UB4 row 9 for 2016-2017
  2. Was at the game last night and certainly got my moneys worth. Game was awesome and atmosphere was electric. Certainly made up for that dud of a game on Sunday (Columbus) I renewed as well. Pretty much a no brainer. I added two seats for this 18-19 season for a total of four (two separate pairs in UB4), and was glad I did that. Hoping to get 4 in a row in UB4 during the May relocation event.
  3. I am enrolled in auto renew (for March 18) so i never get this email. I guess you are not doing auto renew, that's why they send you this last Monday to lure you in. Anyhow it's good to know we get first crack at buying the draft tickets. Thanks for the screenshot
  4. Tickets are so cheap for the Anaheim Game tomorrow On Ticketmaster, a pair of UB4 defensive zone seats are going for $37.00 ea (CA $30.50 + CA $6.50 fees). That's the Ticketmaster price (not verified resale). That's almost like STH cost if you don't count the fees. Listed my UB4 defensive tickets on TicketExchage resale at the lowest price allowed and It still comes to higher than that price lol
  5. My email didn't say anythint about draft tickets. When did you get this email?
  6. Yes, last nights games was absolutely dreadful. I kept wanting the game to end so I could go home. But end up staying till the end hoping to see the team score at least once and see if Brock and extend the point streak. Obviously that was wishful thinking from me. It's obviously garbage time now and I am only looking forward to Hughes's debut later this week before the season wraps up. Hoping EP40 can get a few more points to secure the Calder. IMO Overall it's a decent season and much better than the previous few. I felt the ticket demand was pretty good this year as well and I am in the black for my 4 seats in UB4.
  7. Totally agreed however I think half seasons get significantly less perks (I think he said he wanted half seasons) Speaking of tickets. I am expecting the demand to spike a bit for the last few home games when Quinn Hughes makes his way to the line up. The thing is there is no definitive update on when he would play (or if he would play at all). Hopefully he can make it to the lineup for the games next week (possibly after the Columbus game on Sunday). Fingers crossed.
  8. Personally I don't like the guys beating the drums during the game. But that's just me
  9. so i guess everyone is pretty much set on renewing? planning on adding more seats?
  10. Pretty much same perks as last renewal , plus a very very very minor price hike ( at least for me).