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  1. to be honest they do it for most of the games...The Leafs game in Dec. for instance.
  2. Way too many tickets out there. And still not that cheap after fees and conversion. I think prices might drop even more. Honestly not everyone can fork out $200 for a game these days. And this game being on a Wed night sure doesn't help.
  3. Look at all those unsold tickets on Ticketmaster for the Sedins game. They are adding more and more unsold tickets everyday.
  4. Ok I don't get this... How do they not realize it was in USD? I mean the prices clears says its in USD in bold letters.. And it's not like StubHub is trying to hide the fact that it's in USD either...
  5. That is freaking insane. I hope it's some kind of pricing error, and not their dynamic pricing BS. Who in their right mind would pay for that?
  6. Yeah for that coyote game listings are starting at $35 on stubhub, and only over 800 tix remains. And the game is not till Jan 16. And I honestly don't see how the hawks tix prices for tomorrow would be higher than the leafs Habs or penguins last month. There was low inventory on stubhub for the hawks and coyotes game as of 7-10 days ago. (before we were on the hot streak) This is so unpredictable.
  7. The Blackhawks game this week looks to be a hot ticket. Didn't see that coming. The Kings game sold well too. I guess the band wagon is filling up again.
  8. Ticketexchange. Most likely from the same buyer I believe. I got lucky Becuase one of the sales was for the penguins game.
  9. Just had 4 sales in the 30 minutes right after the loss tonight.. Almost fell off the chair ... I guess it's Christmas gift seasons.
  10. Yeah I saw that too. I think the extra tickets got batch uploaded to StubHub sometime Friday evening, to many of the games. So probably by the same person / company? Cause earlier on Friday, those extra tickets were not there.
  11. Hopefully they come here soon. I am so sick of StubHub to be honest. Their greedy fees is killing everything. A lot of times I am just trying to get my cost back and having a hell of a time cause of their fees for buyers and sellers.
  12. Tried emailing them but never heard back. Do you know if they are expanding to Vancouver in 2020, as in starting next season? Or as in starting January?
  13. Agreed. I think the Vegas December game is trending well for demand...assuming ticketmaster do not all of a sudden get flooded by tickets released by the Canucks.
  14. I don't really trust the ticketmaster inventory to be honest. I am very certain the Canucks hold back a bunch of tickets and release them the week of, or day of game. They do this for almost every game. Better just use your leafs tickets or sell them asap to minimize the loss.
  15. Agreed. Still over 1000+ tix on stubhub as I type this at 8pm. Its going to crash so hard tomorrow. Probably a bunch of listings starting at $40s tomorrow. This is crazy.