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  1. Its not LA we have to worry about, it is the Ducks.
  2. 5 years to the cup. Tragic is that Sedins will not be there. Nor Kess. Maybe Burrows. Maybe. Linden Torts? 3 years max. And you know Linden won't be the one to split. I do think the Linden era will produce a cup. It will just take time.
  3. Canucks not out yet

    Even simpler. Lose to night and its all over. See you on the links.
  4. [PGT] Meltdown/Collapse

    nothing more to say, its over. rebuild? That is a four to five year proposition. When the style went from skill to thug plus skill we weren't there. Hockey has eoloved (?) to a two threat deal. Skill and thugs. That is how it is. When we lost in game 7, that message was delivered. It was not acted upon. Now the fallout. Aging skill guys who are out hustled and out muscled and out skliled, and who have no gas in the third period tank. . It will take some time to fix this, AV hit the curve right, he was just one season out, but now well, it will take soooo long. Torts had an over inflated ego, a pink slip and a rep. Not good enuf. Doesn't mean I'm gonna quit, does mean I look into the mirror tho' (hold the juvenile comments please)
  5. The last time

    When was the last time we lost 7 in a row in regulation?
  6. Rebuild Schmibuild

    All this talk about trades, rebuild, where is the super talent to replace our core coming from? The twins, Kes, Lu et al are all older and well paid. Who is going to take them in exchange for giving up better players? All this trade talk assumes that other teams are panting to get our core and give us something better. Yes we have to trade, but we will get players who are possibilities, not proven. It is going to be a long haul. AV took us there and if it were not for the injury Gods we would have a cup. The team built upon the twins is over. Here we are 2/3 into the season and fighting to stay in the top half, fighting for a wild card spot. Wake up and smell the coffee! Painfull yes, but necessary? Yes. Do it now and get it overwith.
  7. Stop the delusional talk about a cup run trade.

    WZRD sez it all. This team was built around Hank and Danny five years ago. That era is over. Even now, what are the trade possibilities? Lou is a liability. The core are old guys in a young guys league. Too much money for too little. We are in a tough spot for sure. Time for major surgery starting with the GM on down. I mean why would anyone trade new talent for our core? Do you really think that a team will trade for the twins or Kes players that are better? This is gonna be a long haul. AV did a great job, and if it were not for the injury gods we would have a cup. But we don't and hanging on to the old vision will not bring one home. Suck it up.
  8. [PGT] Things are not adding up guys.

    Yep, might as well face it, the time has come....eke out a win against the Coyotes, easily and I mean easily beat by Edmonton.
  9. Time to make your stand on the 2013/14 canucks

    I have cheered for this team forever, through thick and thin and I will continue to do so. They have heart and soul. They are my team. Just because I am realistic and think they are not up to going beyond the second round, or maybe miss the playoffs altogether does not kick me "off the wagon"------ got that OP? The core is tired. 33 year old legs are starting to fall behind 21 year old legs. The toughest thing for me is to see that some of the best players ever to lace up skates may never get to hoist the cup. If we miss the playoffs or get thrown out early this year, then a major blow out is needed. BTW, I don't blame the officials, the league or any one else. It is just that our core is getting past its prime, you can see it more and more as the season progresses.
  10. [PGT] Nuckleheads 4-Penguins 5 (SO)

    Seems to me that this team has a case of PSCFD, That's post Stanley Cup Finals Defeat syndrome. Once they get the lead, the pressure to keep it is so high they buckle. Not sure what the therapy is, but I don't think it is time to throw out the talent just yet. If we don't make anything this year, then yes, time for dynamite. so Sad.
  11. [PGT] Nuckleheads 4-Penguins 5 (SO)

    Blow a 2 goal lead in the last half of the third! This is becoming a consistent pattern, like three games in a row. Exhaustion or inability to focus? Either way it is going to be a short season. So much for Torys and the new motivation. Yoiu can only blame puck luck so often.