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  1. hey vancan its me pavel bure #10 im back

  2. hey vancan check out my new topic Canucks Goal Song 2011 ok leave a comment on what you think

    Peace, Pavel Bure #10

  3. You better wish I never see you around.

  4. Just wanted to say YOU SUCK!


  6. how am i a creep...u were on my page before i checked out urs...why do u think i did check urs LMAO

  7. You suck more my friend

  8. hey sorry i just got ur comment from like 1.5 months ago..i dont come on here enough anymore...but ya hi back ;)

  9. hi it's me Cammac321 with my other account so remember go to my page and leave comments.Also

    Caliban YOU SUCK!!

  10. just wanted to say hi, too ;D