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  1. how am i a creep...u were on my page before i checked out urs...why do u think i did check urs LMAO

  2. You suck more my friend

  3. hey sorry i just got ur comment from like 1.5 months ago..i dont come on here enough anymore...but ya hi back ;)

  4. sorry i havent done any podcasts lol, i just got my comp backl a few days ago after 20 days without it. im wokrin on it

  5. ya man I will have something spiked for ya...cant promise itll be eggnog though ahah! Merry Christmas!
  6. Hey buddy, glad to hear you're doing well over there and by well, I mean you're still with us. I couldn't be happier for ya that you got that jersey, that is awesome and TL is the man, but so are you. Keep up the great work over there. Merry Christmas and Go Canucks Go!
  7. thanks man, ya one of the ladies i work with her son was on that bus, he plays for the midget team they were ogin to prince george and when she told me about it, i was thinking bout Luc Bourdon, it was very weird feeling and i felt ya know like we all did when bourdon passed, lucky though no one died this time

  8. Ya I would totally trade Juice. He is irresponsible as a d-man way too often, I don't care how many points he gets and he's defs notputting up Mike Green numbers. That penalty the other night did it for me, cost us the game and he can pack er up and go help anothe team
  9. this wednesday or thursday, why are u interested in contributing something

  10. thanks, im glad to be back

  11. I know personally, I catch myself saying both "two-thousand twelve" and "twenty-twelve" at times. People will say what they want, but I see the OP's point....sorta. It's really not a big deal, this is a new day and age and if people want to say it a different way than it's been done before, they will do just that.
  12. u never got urself banned, u havnt had any posts or topics made since u pm'ed me...whats the dealio mang?







  19. lolololoolololololol