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  1. Benning offers Tanev for Milan Lucic.... Hopefully not.
  2. Anyone know when the scrimmages will be held?
  3. I have not posted in CDC in years... good to see old Sami back :).
  4. Haha. Outta boy young padawan. You really remind me of myself in CDC a decade ago, always pessimistic, fighting with everyone. Then you'll realize when you get older, everything was just completely pointless. +1 for passion.
  5. Erik Gudbranson | #44 | D

    I like this addition.
  6. Is it a crime to have expectations for this team? We've had this core for a good 7+ years. When it's time to change, it's time to change.
  7. NHL 15 Thread

    SUbban will win.
  8. Only reason they made it to the playoffs last year was because of the shorten season.
  9. GMMG wants to wait and see this team

    What we need right now is one more scoring winger.
  10. Lucic says he'll never go to DT Vancouver

    Meh who cares.
  11. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    Same here, but I think the coach Sutter likes him. He was put in the first line in the subway series... I think in the end of the day it could come down to coach preference.
  12. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    Can you provide any information that he has not regressed? I've watched several Medicine Hat tigers, and if we want to break it shift by shift, I see a player that is quite weak on the puck. Again I'm not claiming Hunter is a bust, I am just claiming that he has regressed and hasn't improved on last year. I don't need any of you hockey scouts to tell me that all my info comes based on "points". Frankly it's not and frankly Hunter has not improved. Look at Bo Horvat and you can see what I mean by this. Improvement on Skating, Offensively, just an overall improvement from last year.
  13. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    Of course the excuses come out now. I do realize he has been injured, I also realize that he should not rush it and use that as an excuse. He has under performed and you all know it.
  14. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    "A person disagrees with you" - talking out of your ass. Lets get real here kiddo. I've seen at least 10 Tiger games this season on my tv, on top of that I watched both subway series. Who the heck cares about Laughton. You should be bloody joking because we're talking about Hunter Shinkaruk here.