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  1. I heard that, sounds similar to wwe 2k13 Attitude mode that felt like the year before's Wrestlemania game and the previous etc. I just wish the wwe would focus on the current roster with a fresher game story mode, instead of just going back to what worked in the past. Maybe next year's game.
  2. How dare we still enjoy wrestling in 2015! Anything not in the Attitude era blah blah. I've moved on from Suck It, thumbtacks, and brutal chair shots. Watch ROH if that's what you're into. I still don't get why stone cold is on the cover of wwe 2k over a active wrestler, let's focus on the present.
  3. Maybe Cena won't win?? Also Kevin Owens isn't ruined.
  4. Orton beats Sheamus Ziggler beats Rusev Owens beats Cesaro Rollins beats Cena double champ? Lesnar beats Undertaker Ryback beats Miz and Big Show Wyatt family beats Reigns and Ambrose New Day wins the Fatal Four Way Amell and Neville beat Stardust and King Barret Sasha Banks wins the Divas match and it will be awesome. My early predictions
  5. CEEEEEEENA!!! Why did they have to book Owens and Rollins to tap to the stf? Ugh
  6. Keep Sandow off TV!
  7. It's interesting to see which wrestlers get the most matches / wins. Brock Lesnar has the best schedule, what's up with Seth Rollins win loss record,Adam Rose gets beat alot, still not a fan of how many Kane and Big Show matches there are. In my opinion I'd like to see more Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, and Neville. Oh and more focus on Divas matches and storyline.
  8. WWE won't let him have the spotlight.
  9. Kofi Kingston, Kane in mitb. Mark Henry, R-Truth at elimination chamber. What's Bray Wyatt doing wrong, not even a rematch with Ryback...
  10. Fight Owens Fight has been booked perfectly. Everyone who dislikes Cena is all on board with Owens.
  11. Wow, I did not want to see those pics. Add-Again it's hacked! At least no obscene pics.
  12. Neville > Finn Balor > Sami Zayn >Adam Rose Also, Emma returns to Smackdown tonight. Wooo!
  13. Wow that Diva action on Raw was weak. They didn't even give them 5 mins, on a 3 hr show!
  14. Keep posting backstage news Outlaw. If people don't like it they can skip reading it.