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  1. [Report] Bob Nicholson in Vancouver

    Does anyone here actually know what a president of a hockey club does? Who cares if its Nicholson or Linden or someone else...I'm more interested in who is going to be the GM.
  2. [Official] NBA Thread The Board of Governors on Thursday voted to expand the use of instant replay beginning this season and indicated that advertisements on jerseys, a revolutionary idea for the league, will be coming as soon as 2013-14 While no vote was taken on putting advertisements on jerseys for the first time, the discussion in the ballroom inside the Encore hotel on the Strip showed a strong preference to move forward, deputy commissioner Adam Silver said. The final decision will likely come in an e-mail vote in September and be implemented for 2013-14, giving teams the chance to line up sponsors and uniform makers the time to add the patch of 2 ½ inches-by-2 ½ just above the heart. “My sense is that every team would do this in some form,” Silver said, indicating the mass support for the idea that has been years in coming, not to mention the mass support for the $100 million annually he estimates would be generated with the new revenue stream. Oh boy...
  3. Canucks Memes

  4. Canucks Memes

    You forgot the "Wears Canucks jersey the day after they win a game"
  5. Canucks Memes

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