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  1. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    Anyone going to Arch Enemy on the 22nd? I've got my ticket!
  2. OMG Earthquake?

  3. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    One of my favourite metal bands at the moment is SepticFlesh. Check out their cd "Communion"
  4. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    Check out Septic Flesh. You won't be disappointed.
  5. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    Opeth is a great band.
  6. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    Heaven Shall Burn Awesome band.
  7. are you supposed to be hawt or sumthin?

  8. Why thank you for the welcomes!

  9. heyy, welcome to cdc!! :) btw luv the way ur name is spelt!

  10. Welcome To CDC Ashleigh. I hope you enjoy your stay here at We have some complimentary mints for you and a brochure of our accommodations at CDC starring "Canucks Talk". So please enjoy you're time here at CDC! And again, WELCOME!

  11. hey ashleigh, i spell that right?