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  1. does anyone no how to fix and btw i downloaded the roster update and put it in the database but it wont rwork i did not take it out of its folder though
  2. I am playing the game and half my screen is cut off!!
  3. do i have to pay or can i get this game for free?
  4. how do u get roster updates fo this game!!!!
  5. I posted the same exact proposal on HF boards and ppl think that girardi is the better of the 2 and that this is a fair deal value wise, (btw the 2011 draft is supposedly very week.....)
  6. maybe switch ellington to rahimi??
  7. To NYR: Mason Raymond 2nd round pick in 2011 Taylor Ellington To Van: Daniel Girardi Why Vancouver does it: Girardi is a very goo puck moving dman who had 10 goals in 07-08 and is signed to a very favorable contract at just 1.5mil Why Rangers do it: It looks like Zherdev wont be back next year and they would do well to add some forward depth and raymond provides that. They also get a solid pick and a solid prospect.... OR: To TB: Mason Raymond 2nd round pick in 2011 Taylor Ellington To Van: Paul Ranger Why Vancouver does it: same reason as above however ranger is even cheaper... Why Tampa does it: with all they defensive acquisitions it doesn't seem as though Ranger is needed in Tampa anymore and believe it or not he is not as highly thought of in Tampa as one might think. Flame Away...
  8. i hate bj penn hes wack!!
  9. cant wait till 101 hope florian beats the sh** out of penn
  10. ur link for greatest youtube vid dont work fix it before i bust a cap in ur punk a**
  11. crackerjackin' white boys
  12. Holy crap... do you go to EC????^^^
  13. IBTL means:





  14. I'm Siked
  15. you