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  1. Mafia - General Discussion

    Should've been @Master Radishes
  2. Isn't there a (couple of) game(s) going on already? I'd like to host it again, but there are also a lot of new games I want to introduce to these forums as well - including a civilization-styled game, but I haven't really figured out how to implement. We'll see how things go after I perfect TR a little bit more.
  3. Game 2 will be started sometime over the weekend. I'll be catching up on all the E3 content after work for the next few days. :3
  4. Aren't these the exact roles in Avalon? I've never played, but I've read up on it as I was working on a "forum" version of TR. I'll take it the special roles into consideration. Just out of curiosity, how many players are "recommended" in a game of Avalon?
  5. Yup. Referenced the "considerable advantage" the spies had in regards to this. I actually had it as a variant (see: Blind Spies), but in reality, I just wanted to see how much of an advantage it gave the spies. I'll be launching a second "test" game relatively soon with any advice I receive now to see if there are any more things that needs to be worked on.
  6. Proposal 3.1 passes with a 6 vote approval-majority. Kind of an anti-climatic end, but the game is now over. It just seemed like the spies had the resistance dancing to their tune the whole game. A big factor may have been that the spies had a considerable advantage at the start (by knowing who each other are). A big thank you to all the participants that played Game 1/Beta. Please leave any comments or advice in how future games could be run smoother. Please also put down any questions that may have arose during the game. Thanks all, Krazz
  7. We were supposed to be back in time for the company picnic. The plan was flawless - Dr.Strangelove and MikeyBoy44 would waltz up to the guards on lookout, seducing and distracting them, giving the rest of the team an undisturbed means to infiltrate the outpost. Aladeen was chosen to be the point man, and he completed his objectives with speed and precision. Infiltrating the outpost via the sewers, Aladeen cleared multiple checkpoints, allowing Pineapples to plant his homemade, pineapple-inspired charges. Above ground, MikeyBoy44 was barely able to make out Aladeen saying "Shhhh. Sleep now, don't struggle and just give in to the darkness," before the radio cut off due to poor reception. Shocked by the sudden comments made by Aladeen, MikeyBoy44 pulls up his pants that were laying by his ankles. Sabotage! Did Dr.Strangelove mask whispering the plans to the guards while he was whispering sweet nothings to them? Or did MikeyBoy44 bring upon too much attention to the team, alerting too many guards with his nakedness? Did Pineapples really set the charges to go off? Did Aladeen replace the "pineapple" bombs with duds when Pineapples wasn't looking? Or were they actually pineapples, and Pineapples had everybody fooled? Regardless, the mission has FAILED. g_bassi13 is our new Mission Leader. Perhaps he can do better? We are now on Proposal Mission 3.1, please submit a proposal of four operatives (including yourself) to infiltrate the Weapons Cache of the Empire. Good hunting, Operatives.
  8. With a 5-3 vote, we couldn't really call this a resounding majority, but the proposal passes through with 2 no votes (Approved). Call to arms! MikeyBoy44, Dr.Strangelove, Pineapples, and Aladeen, please send in either your Support or Sabotage vote via PM. Note: Remember, you only get one choice if you're with the Resistance, and that's to support the mission. If you're one of those filt- I mean, cunning Spies, you may submit either choice. Note: For flavour, you may provide, in the same PM, what you will be doing in the mission: whether it's to drive the get-away vehicle, plant the bomb, etc. I'll leave it to your imagination, and I'll see what I can poop out during the Reveal. Good hunting, Operatives.
  9. It's hard, but it's not undoable. When you are Resistance, the satisfaction when you win the game is pure bliss. As a side note, just a friendly reminder: Things should be easier for the Resistance if they manage to make it to Missions 4 and 5. Keep in mind that these two particular missions will require at least two Sabotage votes from the Spies, meaning at least two spies must be on the mission. In other words, if the Resistance manage to root out a Spy or two during early/mid-game, they should have this in the bag by late-game (if they last that long).
  10. Just to confirm, the following is the proposal by Dr.Strangelove this time around: Proposal Mission 2.2 - Dr.Strangelove, MikeyBoy44, Pineapples, Aladeen Please have your votes on this proposal in by 10:47PM today. Good hunting, Game Spreadsheet
  11. Thank you all for checking in. The vote has been decided. Due to the results being a tie, Proposal 2.1 has been rejected. Voting Results 2.1 Leadership now passes to Dr.Strangelove Please submit a proposal for 2.2. Game Spreadsheet
  12. otherwise has proposed a team to be sent for the second Mission. Players have 24 hours to submit their Approval/Reject votes either in the thread or via PM. Proposal Mission 2.1 - otherwise, Pineapples, Dr.Strangelove, Virtanen87 Those that have not voted by 12 Jun 2015 - 10:43AM will count as Approval votes. Note: Votes must follow the format: Proposal Mission 2.1 - YourUsername - Approve/Reject Good Hunting
  13. I am not obliged to answer this question.
  14. ATM, reasonable timeframe. Haven't really set it in stone just yet, but 24 hours (5:54PM) seems good.
  15. Rand() function in Excel. Randomized the player list 5 times then picked the player on the top (MikeyBoy)