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  1. Well they found a fight for Rashad. He'll be fightin Thiago Silva at UFC 108 most likely. http://mmafrenzy.com/11629/rashad-evans-vs...ly-for-ufc-108/
  2. Right-click the desktop, and then click Properties. In the Display Properties dialog box, click the Settings tab Than drag the slider to set the screen resolution and click apply
  3. If you have vista follow these instructions: Click on the start button, click control panel, click appearance and personalization, click personalization, click adjust display settings
  4. Stupid Sundin, I had crazy deal in place with NYI in which I would get Striet and Tambellini for him but he wouldn't waive his ntc. & than he goes into the offseason and signs for less than what I offered with NYI.
  5. GSP is supposed to fight in Febuary, heard Dana talking about on MMA Connected. & did anybody see the one hosted by Tito Ortiz? God you have to hate him, expecially his top ten fights, talking about how he dominated fighters and than shows a clip of a takedown late in a round to win a fight. Thats not called dominating, than saying he has heart, I didn't see any heart in Liddell 1 & 2/vs Couture. The guys a joke, hope after the Coleman fight he fights the loser of Rashad vs Rmapage and gets his face bashed in
  6. How do you guys get the pics like that, do you acutally take the pic with a camera or can you just save it?
  7. 1 day before my first reg season game and I'm over the cap, and no team takes sundin unless I give up first rounder
  8. for what?
  9. does anybody know what to trade to the blue jackets to get filatov?
  10. Who did you trade?
  11. Its gonna be awesome, been waiting for Rampage vs Rashad since that staredown after the Jardine fight
  12. hey guys what do you download to create players in ehm
  13. Thats cause Mir is on an old contract which stretches back to when he was just coming of the accident and not performing, while Brock's contract is from post Couture. And GSP made that much too.
  14. How can you be dissing UFC 102 that was an amazing card based on match quality. It had everything upsets,knockouts,submissions and its always great when the main event is fight of the night
  15. TUF 10 Sep. 16 can't wait. Hope theres more talented fighter than the previous ones. UK vs. USA had alot of well rounded but no fighter that was really good at one thing. Need an Amir Saddolah who kills you with his BJJ