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  1. I voted for the first time this year I voted for Gregor Roberston because I met him at Celebrities on the first day of Pride and he told me he liked my shoes.
  2. *** Big Brother 16 Thread ***

    ps Christine is an annoying little piece of
  3. *** Big Brother 16 Thread ***

    One other thing, when testing out this whole "two HOH' thing, wouldn't they seriously have considered this whole "throwing the competition" thing. So far, the majority of the battle of the block comps have been either rigged or thrown. It's stupid and this dumb twist seriously needs to end like today.
  4. The Canadian Universities Thread

    I never said it's for everyone. No offence, but if money is an issue, then obviously living on campus isn't an ideal thing to do.
  5. The Canadian Universities Thread

    Going to university is one thing. The game changer on the whole experience is if you are able to live on campus first year/off campus the years after that. You will learn so much more living independently than you will from any textbook or professor. Honestly ,even if your parents are paying rent and all you're doing is paying for your personal expenses, you will still learn so much. Based on my experience and the experience from those around me: it doesn't matter where you get that certificate, just don't live at home while going to university. You will regret it. But if I had to preach, I'd say the Sauder School of Business at UBC Great program, great school, great parties, great beaches, great city.
  6. Where can I play Main Street Massacre?

    Can you please make your posts "+1'able" It drives me crazy that I can't do it.
  7. *** Big Brother 16 Thread ***

    The whole Battle of the Blocks thing threw me off. Caleb easily could have chose not to sit out, and control the block thing, but just keep messing up. Instead, he sat out of the competition, almost as if producers made him. The whole thing seemed kind of rigged in my opinion.
  8. Amazing Race Canada

    My friend Rob is on this season hoping he does an amazing job!
  9. *** Big Brother 16 Thread ***

    I was kidding, duh.
  10. *** Big Brother 16 Thread ***

    If she seriously didn't know that he's gay, she truly is an idiot.
  11. *** Big Brother 16 Thread ***

    No. Oh god no. She's annoying and looks like she works at McDonalds.
  12. *** Big Brother 16 Thread ***

    Agreed. Haven't enjoyed a season this much in a while.
  13. *** Big Brother 16 Thread ***

    So I'm confused. Last episode, Julie told the initial 8 players that the HOH may be getting evicted. How come Frankie was all like to his new bff "I want you to win HOH" if he knew that one of the HOH's would be going home? LIke none of the initial 8 told any of the new 8 members that the HOH may be in jeopardy. Did anyone else pick up on this?
  14. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    22 jump street - 8/10 I'd go again just to see the credits.
  15. it's the sea, what were people expecting... triple distilled?