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  1. Hi there how's it going.How u doin.:)

  2. you're a mean spirited person, octane.

  3. whoooore


  4. not hans solo it's hansmoleman! im more humble than hans solo

  5. hey watsup? long time no type :P

  6. Doooooood, how's it going?

  7. i'll have to give it a try again sometime.

  8. thanks :)

    and the firearms license, well, is a firearms license... haha with it i am allowed to buy and be in posession of non-restricted firearms (rifles, shotguns, etc. no handguns though)

    i have to have a firearms license so i can go hunting, and hunting is one of the funnest things on the face of the earth, so i got my license for that now :)

  9. I havent driven yet.. :( I can't drive any of my parent's cars.. something with insurance lol. A firearm license? Do explain! Well.. I'm glad your birthday was somewhat good :)

  10. haha yeah she is :D

    my birthday was good, kinda boring cuz i didnt do anything, but alota people called n stuff... i also got my firearms license :D passed the test with 82%... how's drivin?

  11. aww but still probably soo cute! how was your birthday?

  12. she's areound 1 year and 2-3 months or something like that... shes getting lazier everyday... just like me haha

  13. awww, how olds your cat now? haha, the dogs fine. annoying as ever. and i better! I need to start saving money!

  14. hm that's weird... oh well, you'll get it sooner or later... and how's doggy doing? haha kitty's sleeping right beside me here...

  15. no! I wish! I applied for my social insurance number in early june and i STILL havent gotten it yet