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  1. Look for some store recommendations for places to buy snowboarding gear with knowledgable staff as this is all new to me. New or used. Just looking for something cheap, although I realize this isn't probably the best time to be buying gear but getting sick of paying for rentals
  2. will be interesting to see how this turns out, CBC must have some sort of hard evidence to fire him like that but It is CBC we are talking about so you never know
  3. actually this time around everyone who gets an application will be eventually hired just not right away. they are taking in everyone and then ranking them randomly. high ranking you start right away if you are on the bottom you won't start working until 7-10 years
  4. They are actually hiring soon, well giving out applications to union members to give to whoever they want to. Have a bunch of family that work there and apparantley applications are being sold/offered for $30,000 and over. Sure it may be a hard job at first but after 5-8 years you move to a higher board but once then you can choose whatever job you want and trust me for the amount of work they do and how much they get paid is pretty nuts. And there may be some educated members there but the vast majority are not educated and drugs/alchol problems are very prevalent. I don't have a problem with that just giving some perspective
  5. a bit off topic, but why would you give out a take home exam and then say it is a closed book exam that makes no sense to me, I'm pretty sure the majority of students would not write that exam honestly
  6. my dad works there and I think he said they will be taking more people soon, but the thing is they only give applications to union members (1 each) who can give it to anyone the want, so unless you know a member it will be hard to get one as a side note I don't see longshoremen lasting for too much longer with all this new technology coming in like theres a port in germany were 1 person runs it by himself!
  7. Coming down pretty hard in richmond right now
  8. my dad is in there, and once you get into the union (10ish years) you get pretty much any shift you want. 4 out of the 6 days he works sometimes even all of them he only works a four hour shift and gets paid for the full eight hour, and plus you can take as long as time you want off when you want and nobody cares.