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  1. The Official Transit Thread

    Originally, all riders going in out/west and east would have had to pay $2.50. They've changed it to only east at $5.00, which is considerably the same.
  2. The Official Transit Thread

    Smart Cards are really effective when everyone has it. Like in Hong Kong. I don't see it working as well in Vancouver as it can in Hong Kong. People here have the need to drive because its so easy to obtain, its faster and its cheap. Therefore not everyone will own a smart card thus Translink will need to setup Two separate fare systems the entire time and it'll just be a mess. I know Hong Kong also has two system, card and ticket, but most of the residences own one. Here, I would say only 40% will get one thus its not feasible to implement.
  3. The Official Transit Thread

    just start driving
  4. The Official Transit Thread

    ahhh UBC planners. They're probably thinking of putting more private condo developments at the underground bus loop. Underground bus loop = no revenue. Condos right in the middle of campus = BILLIONS.
  5. The Official Transit Thread

    sigh UBC is a train wreck. Translink is a train wreck. This province is a train wreck. This country is a train wreck.
  6. The Official Transit Thread

    So I guess no UBC line? and no evergreen Line? This province is starting to become "best place on earth" to the "worse place on earth" Time to move out everyone!!
  7. The Official Transit Thread

    Today, on the way home from Work, I noticed the ETA sign had a 20 minutes gap between trains. This was at Bridgeport, I came from YVR and the sign had Waterfront at 0 minutes, Waterfront at 20 minutes and waterfront at 24. What happened? Did a train break down or something?
  8. The Official Transit Thread

    Just let it settle down, everyone probably crammed on the Canada to "test" their commute. It'll die down once everyone finds a better alternative. Alot of people complain about everything but in the end, things work out works out. People complaining about the 98 B line probably didn't know a number 10 existed.
  9. The Official Transit Thread

    I know. Most travelers do that. say 70% But in airport planning you must keep it simple so 99% know where to go. People always ask "wheres the train to downtown?" (so they do know Canada Line exists) "Trains to Downtown Vancouver/Richmond" is much better than "Canada Line" Even the old signs read "Public Transit" directing passengers for the 424.
  10. The Official Transit Thread

    At the airport we're experiencing poor signage of the Canada Line Throughout the terminal, you'll see a sign that reads "---> Canada Line" Okay great, I live here, i know what that is. To some tourist....."WTF is a Canada Line?"
  11. The Official Transit Thread

    I applaud whoever got all the stamps today. That guy/girl probably had to wait in line for 6 hours total had not eaten during this time had not been to the bathroom
  12. The Official Transit Thread

    Crazy crowds at YVR Airport Station Line up to get onto train is probably 40 minutes - an hour
  13. The Official Transit Thread

    Actually, today is the Canada Line private Family day. So Translink employees, SNC Lavalin and YVR employees get to ride it before everyone else.
  14. The Official Transit Thread

    I think Employers should let Employees work from home (Cisco VPN) I think supermarkets / stores should let Customers shop from home (ex: futureshop) I think fast food places should let Customers order online and eat at home (Pizza Hut, Boston etc..) In conclusion, you have no excuse to use transit or drive anywhere.
  15. The Official Transit Thread

    Canada Line News: If you an employee of one of the companies that help build the Canada Line, I believe there is a sneak a peak ride for you and your family on August 15, 2009. More details to follow.