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  1. You're being silly right now, you should re-read what you write. Maybe you just dont understand how hockey teams work. Right now with burrows on the top line we get results, he makes the sedins play better, the sedins make him better, simply put. Then we have a second SCORING line or kes, sam, ray. Because of the speed of ray and kes the second line can also play well in our own zone. Because of the skill of sammy it becomes a threat in the offensive zone. So what do we have so far: A top line that produces amazing results. A second line that can score and play well in our own zone. So you wanna take burr off the first and replace him with sammy. Where does that leave the second line, sure kes and ray will still be able to produce, but that line becomes less of a threat, and who do you put on it, burr? bernier? wellwood? No thx. We found success last year with sundin on the second, sammy took his spot and is doing the job very well. When it comes down too it burrows doesnt have the individual skill to be a "first line player" but he's one of the best role players the canucks have. As well as one of the hardest working guys on the team. And the top line continues to produce better than it ever has, and we have the best 1-2 punch we've had in years. Is that easy enough for you to understand yet?