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  1. Does any one know if there are going to be any "perks" for fans at the home opener and what is planned? Last season every over age fan got a free beer last year, that would be awesome again for this year. There were also lower prices on consession food items.
  2. Thank you all for advice! I really appreciate it
  3. I am from Prince George and can only come down to see the Canucks once a year. I am in Van thanksgiving weekend and hope to get tickets to the home opener, but ticketmaster looks to be sold out. So I am looking for some advice on how to get 4 tickets or even 2 pairs? Any reputable sites, sites I should stay away from, or even local stores that people would recommend. I have heard about Kijiji or craigslist but the problem with those is that I live out of town and can't meet up with a seller. Any advice would be great thanks.