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  1. Atmosphere

    I felt the same way about watching hockey in the Czech Republic. Having fan zones in the ends was great. People were louder, rowdier, and got the crowd fired up. Plus beers were like 2 bucks...
  2. A Toxic Culture of Negativity - Vancouver Courier Article

    One definitely requires grit, and quite literally balls, to dig a pick out of the tough areas. There's no "toxic masculinity" here, just someone trying to attach third wave feminist ideas to a sport being played by men.
  3. Jay Onrait coming back to TSN?

  4. When Dorsett is lacing em up for the second line, you're probably going to have a bad time. Stars win, handily in regulation.
  5. Remember, Remember, The 3rd of December

    We should dress: Gudbranson, Tryamkin, Pedan, Sbisa, Dorsett, Gaunce, and Labate, and put all the focus on working Matthews and Marner with nothing but east-west hits, and rough rides into the end boards. If those two are out there, they shouldn't be able to escape the ice without having been drilled really hard, at least once. If the Canucks can execute effectively, those two will be afraid to touch the puck by the midway point of the second period.
  6. [PGT] Canucks @ Senators

    On the plus side, Travis Green isn't going to have far to travel to join the team while they're on this east coast swing...
  7. There is no growing the game in the US. I live in Sharks country (Northern California) and there are no rinks north of Santa Rosa. The Sharks have been around since 91-92 and even after all that time, there's no grassroots hockey to be found. That's how you grow the game. No one here can even skate. Seems like Bettman's plan is to have Canadians subsidizing failing US markets. Socializing our love of the game for some loser organizations in warm weather climates. Carolina? Phoenix? Vegas? (Atlanta already folded...) It's a joke. That weasely little halfman has all the vision of Ray Charles.
  8. Favourite Netflix Comedy Series

    The Increasingly Poor Decision of Todd Margaret
  9. how is victoria? i spent 57 to 62 there during my navy days. i enjoy your posts....smithers joe

  10. damn you're cute! I just wanted to say hi.