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  1. tough loss he's played great so far this season
  2. way too early to be talking playoff spots
  3. people seriously need to calm down and relax also stop trying to coach and gm the team and psychoanalyze every player thinking oh this will hurt their confidence you don't even know them other than the brief glimpse on tv playing the game and doing some interviews
  4. have you watched Anahiem? terrible team right now 1-4-1
  5. he tried to trade him you're not going to get much or anything at all when they know they can get that player for free on waivers
  6. lol going to trust the coaches before you desi in how to develop players but it's cute that you think you know how
  7. let me guess that's going to happen every single game right? don't bother replying i know you can only look at one game and come to a conclusion on how the entire season will play out must be nice having that crystal ball RELAX honestly i would hate to see how this board would be with a team like the Oilers over the last decade or Buffalo
  8. they should be off Vrbata's back in about 2-3 weeks and on another players back
  9. Vrbata is just snake bitten right now that line would be considered great with plenty of points by all 3 players if Vrbata buries a couple chances don't worry he is probably gone at the trade deadline so we can look forward to that
  10. too little too late was hoping after i turned it off they would complete the comeback oh well move on to the next one
  11. very very early to say that i don't expect Anaheim and LA to struggle maybe 1 of them and Coyotes i don't see making it
  12. not just you happens pretty much every game when the Canucks are losing another reason i have been trying to only comment after the game i'm chill folks i took some happy pain pills
  13. here to discuss hockey not my social life
  14. wasn't really directed purely at you tbh it's the same group of people i won't name names people know who they are i've already explained it and i consider it trolling not venting
  15. not pissed or angry just annoyed at the same people appearing when the Canucks are losing with zero constructive criticism you can't even call it venting so i will call it like i see it it's trolling to get a reaction out of people when people post fire this trade that this guy sucks