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  1. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    total rep is -1300 that's much more impressive
  2. Brock Boeser and the Calder race. (Updated as of Jan 28th)

    psshh please. Brock for Vezina, Conn Smythe and GM of the Year already. dude's a legend. when u tell ur grandkids u saw Boeser play, they'll say "up ur meds" u saw it here first
  3. from Abbot to Batchelor ? :yuck: guess i'll be staying away from radio broadcasts for another few years Abbot's tempo was not good and BB sounds a bit like Joey Kenward trying to do play-by-play....or me. both bad ideas. oh well, there's always cocaine i guess
  4. Post When You Are Drunk. #abbyisdrunkagain

    ikr harsh not sure if i should snap or keep er going hmmmm new poll idea just came to me
  5. Post When You Are Drunk. #abbyisdrunkagain

    woah dude! cool lookin can haven't had a drink in 100 days now...... da fuq is this sober life they speak of?
  6. Post When You Are Drunk. #abbyisdrunkagain

    post when you are F*cked on beers and other substances thread ?
  7. Post When You Are Drunk. #abbyisdrunkagain

    so happy for u dudes...wish i was drukn
  8. Post When You Are Drunk. #abbyisdrunkagain

    how far did u get?
  9. Post When You Are Drunk. #abbyisdrunkagain

    sheeit son!! the student has become the master well done, young padawan
  10. Post When You Are Drunk. #abbyisdrunkagain

    attakid hoppy new year yo. Bowen Island IPA ftmfw
  11. Post When You Are Drunk. #abbyisdrunkagain

    glad to see my topic alive and well....just as i am.... lookin sharp TS
  12. Asperger

    I love these guys i'm watching on tv... (sorry for FB link. for other stuff, oogle up aspergerareus ) Love people in general. Love people with greater expectations of themselves than the world around them. Who cares what your surroundings think about you? Go on and get ur life on dudes!!!!
  13. Post Yo Face In The Twilight Sparkle Party

    "the gift of twilight" sounds like a band name
  14. Post When You Are Drunk. #abbyisdrunkagain

    :/ gee that's too bad :D
  15. Post When You Are Drunk. #abbyisdrunkagain

    Dang!! :coffee: ??