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  1. :/ gee that's too bad :D
  2. Dang!! :coffee: ??
  3. is there a coco puff thread?
  4. after a long hiatus, i am back drunk again... you're welcome and thanks for posting in my thread glad to see there's at least 4 of us
  5. Good for you, bud. Very good word. I call success on you, brother.
  6. not drunk...Bowen Isl. IPA..again :-*
  7. never got that punkin beer. or choco beer. IMO beer should taste like beer. or a hops
  8. forgot to post here last night...why...
  9. Bowen Island IPA what
  10. oh it's cold...can't imagine this stuff warm. numb the taste buds eh
  11. heh not been there in a looooong time...once tho. back in college. wait. i didn't go to college. nevmind Cariboo me!!!
  12. too much cork? back in BC!!!! what? yeh that calls for a Central City IPA Bazaaaam!!!
  13. afternoon beers in SK.... hot as fook here. finally. back to Canuck land soon YES!! i can have a beer that doesn't say Moosehead or Pilsner on the can
  14. Nux lost...guess i didn't drink enough sorry bout that