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  1. have i grown to hear the healing of the stars?

    Good for you, bud. Very good word. I call success on you, brother.
  2. Post When You Are Drunk. #abbyisdrunkagain

    not drunk...Bowen Isl. IPA..again :-*  
  3. Post When You Are Drunk. #abbyisdrunkagain

    never got that punkin beer. or choco beer. IMO beer should taste like beer. or a hops
  4. Post When You Are Drunk. #abbyisdrunkagain

    forgot to post here last night...why...
  5. post and the liquor will say positive things about the drinking ones

    Bowen Island IPA what
  6. Post When You Are Drunk. #abbyisdrunkagain

    oh it's cold...can't imagine this stuff warm. numb the taste buds eh
  7. Post When You Are Drunk. #abbyisdrunkagain

    heh not been there in a looooong time...once tho. back in college. wait. i didn't go to college. nevmind Cariboo me!!!
  8. Post When You Are Drunk. #abbyisdrunkagain

    too much cork? back in BC!!!! what? yeh that calls for a Central City IPA Bazaaaam!!!
  9. Post When You Are Drunk. #abbyisdrunkagain

    afternoon beers in SK.... hot as fook here. finally. back to Canuck land soon YES!! i can have a beer that doesn't say Moosehead or Pilsner on the can
  10. Post When You Are Drunk. #abbyisdrunkagain

    Nux lost...guess i didn't drink enough sorry bout that
  11. CWB majority sold to G3

  12. Shorty vs. Kenward vs. Abbott

    ^^^ dam... don't care how old this thread is. i need to vent. Kenward's interviews make Dan Murphy's audition tapes look good. please go away.
  13. Post When You Are Drunk. #abbyisdrunkagain

    good brah. how u crap...think i posted in the hockey talk part by accident. Edit: Canucks talk it was... 21 won! F yeah locked out
  14. How many Cups will the Canucks win?

    so the Nux just S kicked the Pens. how far WON'T they go ?
  15. Post When You Are Drunk. #abbyisdrunkagain

    oh ya...saturday night in the praires...Moosehead on tap mofos