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  1. well, here is my flickr, on some of these minor edits where added with picassa but nothing major.
  2. wow thats similar to mine JJC
  3. (keeping it alive) great, now ive gotta add substance... FUN FACT: burrows scored a hattrick in his rookie year (if im not mistaken)
  4. you got an invite for the nhlpg the playoffs :)

  5. hey I was wondering if you got my message?

  6. im like... wtf i didint post that sux to have someone with the same ava
  7. lolz he should stick burrows's 2 goal preformance up his..
  8. hey i just saw your burrowz sig on the "comment on my sig" thread and it was sooooooooooooooo good! i was wondering if you could be me a burrows sig with that picture you used for the other one?

    pleas and thanks.

  9. hahaha colin 17 posts keep on truckin

  10. omfg this is the 1000th post disgrace to all renders everywhere
  11. okay, guys this may be a bit grusome i tried cutting without any tuts.. just using the eraser... ew right?