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  1. Brock Boeser scores hat trick in first game back

    The Sniper’s back!
  2. [Report] Luca Sbisa to test free agency

    For delivering pizzas? No that’s too much.
  3. I know it was fake!
  4. Will we finish higher or lower in the standings?

    I’ll be the 1st to say that we’ll be higher in the standings and pretty close to a playoff spot.
  5. [Rumor] Minnesota Wild

    All the trade proposals are rip-offs for the Wild. They would never accept those deals.
  6. Juolevi or 2018 pick

    Oh really? Where?
  7. Juolevi or 2018 pick

    Juolevi to have back surgery.
  8. Draft Lottery

    At least Dahlin will be in the East
  9. $150 1st $100 2nd $50 3rd $25 6th Canucks for Kids fund.
  10. Draft Lottery

    Won’t matter if the Canucks get selected during picks 15-4.
  11. [Waivers] Reid Boucher

    And scored.
  12. [Rumor] Jonathan Tavares to test UFA

    They’re still both fruits.