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  1. How's that brutal? A veteran is being given a chance to prove himself.
  2. Canucks-12

    NHL sets Draft Lottery date

    Benning isn’t going anywhere any time soon. We’re finally starting to see the team he has put together. This is just the beginning, not the end for Jim Benning.
  3. Canucks-12

    [Signing] Canucks sign Josh Teves

    The real question is: Is Teves interested in the Canucks?
  4. Canucks-12

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Edmonton Oilers | Mar. 07, 2019

    Stecher and Edler were dog tired at that point. Understand the game, don’t blame the coach.
  5. Canucks-12

    [GDT[ Nucks @ Coil Thursday March 7 2019 6pm PST

    2 assists +1 looks pretty good on the stat sheet
  6. Canucks-12

    [GDT[ Nucks @ Coil Thursday March 7 2019 6pm PST

    Got an assist
  7. Canucks-12

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Vegas Golden Knights | Mar. 03, 2019

    It was only a few games ago against the Avs.
  8. Canucks-12

    Retiring his #12 Jersey tomorrow.

    Iggy’s story is very similar to the Sedins. Great personalities off the ice. Hell of a player.
  9. Canucks-12

    Don Cherry vs. The Carolina Hurricanes

    Loved their last celebration. I don’t see how anyone cannot be of fan of this stuff.
  10. The lineup everyone wanted. CDC is getting their wishes fulfilled tonight.
  11. Because it can still fit in the round hole long as the hole is bigger
  12. Look who's back on top of the team assists leader. Brother Henrik.

  13. Who's ready for Wrestlemania!?

    1. Cramarossa


      I won't be watching, but bf is! We're going to Raw on May 1st too :)

    2. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      i have a feeling the shows gonna put me to sleep. just like a canucks game

  14. Horvat needs to be put between the Sedins.

    1. 112


      the sandwich line