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  1. Whenever I read the name Sven, I always think back to that HIMYM episode which has Barney being shown the GNB building and the dancing and singing from Sven (The architect).

  2. If anyone here believes the world is ending, by all means drop any valuables you may possess at my house by 10 pm tonight :)

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    2. Armada


      I have 16 children you can have them.

    3. Durian


      i've got a huge bag of garbage that i value a lot

    4. JHansenFan


      1) 11 is okay. But no later.

      2) I only have enough food for 12. Please pick your twelve favorite

      3) hey if you lug it over here you can leave it in front of my house

  3. School...school...school. I cannot wait for my month off for Christmas.

  4. You do your body work, I feel my pulse working overtime

  5. can you guess my former identity, my stud muffin?!

    1. JHansenFan


      I can't remember your name, but i had you on msn....... mr.wiggles :3

  6. You do your body work I feel my pulse working overtime

  7. you slut

    1. JHansenFan


      work that body baby doll

  8. oh have i missed you <3

  9. thanks for your sig i've used it for about 2 years now :)

  10. no profile views in a year.... five views in one morning :D

    1. Mr. Anderson
    2. :D


      Well, isn't that a feather in your cap.

    3. Grape