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  1. I can honestly see why you left.

  2. Nah, he doesn't. I was just wondering why he got banned. I dunno why...:s haha :P

  3. You have good taste. Rise Against is great. I'm listening to Cry Baby by Janis Joplin.
  4. It's really dark out, usually brighter. I'm frightened by thunder and lightning (but spiders way more ). I saw lightning strike the water, it was nuts!
  5. FREAKIN SCARY! I LIVE NEAR THE OCEAN IN VICTORIA AND SAW SO MUCH LIGHTNING! Saw a rainbow, but because of the pretty coloured skies, it looks pink as well.
  6. Turn Out the Light - The New Amsterdams
  7. You're mad. That album is art and known as THE Album. I'm listening to Whole Lotta Love
  8. Detroit '67 - Sam Roberts
  9. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
  10. hahhahaha you got me man!! :) like a late april fools or something, good one!

  11. I have a cut on my knee.
  12. Niceeee.

    Markus is cool.

    Never have met him, always a fan of him though.

    Media treated him like bull though.