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  1. My boys won tonight Canucks and my fellow Filipino Pacman! All is well in my world! ;) Go Canucks and Pacman! :)

  2. Ahhh this thread is so hilarious! :lol:
  3. bella you stalker. lol

  4. HAHA i miss you too! NOT! how's life being banned..must be terrible. LOL.. O.o im talking to myself.

  5. LOL! do you really have to post your so called win wilboy! hahaha.. we should play isketch again! :P

  6. willie you left. i bet you're warming up. ready to cry? HAHAHA

  7. haha that's so nice. i like your 12 days of peas :D

  8. Happy Birthday! =]

  9. lol wilboy you got some stalker here huh? :P

  10. haha... nice? well gnayt friend?

  11. Like i said in the threads, i only make friends to those who need friends :)

  12. lol we're friends now? that's new. haha