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  1. I feel that we should bring in Markus Naslund as GM.
  2. Great to hear that Jensen is playing well!
  3. BEAST WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. No I just don't see Jensen making the team when Cody and a few others will be given a crack at making the team before he does. Jensen would have a much better time developing with his JR team for the next 1-2 years and then getting some ice time with the Wolves.
  5. Well done!
  6. I agree with the OP there is too much hate for Kevin Bieska in the CDC. Kevin has done more good than harm for this team. He was made an alternate captain because he is very vocal and because he does stand up for his team on and off the ice. He may make questionable plays but there are others who are far worse on this team than him such as alberts and rome even some forwards.
  7. Burrows in a beast. I think he has the most shorties in the nhl this season or is very close to it.
  8. That is beyond Awesome!!! you are a lucky man!!
  9. That was a good read and I believe that you are right about the fans.
  10. About the jerseys for the super skills I think they used the stick in the rink because it is easyer to tell the two teams apart.

  12. This does not sound that optomistic with regaurds to the burns to Wellwood. I believe that he will come back soon and have a great few games. I hope december is a good month for Wellwood.
  13. that is AWSOME!!! GO FIN GO!!!