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  1. Fabricating? TPS Turku has been a team since 1922 - that nearly 100 years. It has scores of notable Dman alumus inclusive of Sami Salo and Kimmo Timonen. OJ's rookie season when he was still a teenager was the second highest scoring season in that nearly 100 year history of one of the top teams in Finland year in and year out. I don't know what your definition of historic is, but that works for most people. Further, his one year there he was the highest scoring defenceman on his team, as well as team leader in plus/minus. Against men. Nice work, kid even if some people wish to continue creating a negative narrative for you.
  2. Nah, lots of interesting stuff in summers as players are moving around, development camps, youth camps etc. etc. It was nice to see how well Canucks did at draft and during the FA period (Edler included). Canucks team is so far different from the one that existed on the day Linden was fired. Quite the transformation and there is actual jobs on the line between legitimate NHL players at camp for the first time in a long while in Canuck land. Enjoy the next four to six weeks Jan, it is going to be a very interesting season.
  3. The University there in Vancouver is a public entity (looked it up). It isn't a private institution and is supposed to be a bastion of free speech and open minds. The perpetually offended are turning even public places into sanctuaries of closed-mindedness.
  4. About what? That OJ is a stud prospect and had an excellent first year as a pro in Finland? Yup - very much so. You and others can wallow away in a narrative that will not be rewarded.....knock yourselves out. Seriously.
  5. Why these "fans" choose to ignore his first professional season (in Finland) is puzzling. He was outstanding and was putting up numbers up there with historical values for a teen in that league. The parallels to the success EP40 was having in Sweden were not lost on those who really followed him but seemingly by many in the Canuck marketplace. This coupled with the game he was playing in Utica (easily leading his team and in top of AHL in rookie D scoring at time of injury) it remains odd how people seem to keep creating divergent versions of this reality.
  6. Certainly at the University level (you follow the news, but can provide you lots of examples from Canada if you wish let alone here where it is just as bad). From family in Canada (Ontario and Alberta), I understand that even sports days now are all about equality of outcome. That is insane let alone it is being taught in the social sciences. Given how this emerging generation seems to have so many that feel that they are "owed" something by society, it is hard to see how that didn't happen without the education system playing a large role.
  7. I don't understand. I have never said humans are not influencing climate. I don't know any credible scientist that denies that but I can cite many who think the influence is vastly overstated and even more that think measures to address are being missed amongst a bunch of whiny political agendas.....largely from the left of the political spectrum. I just find ways to address it both hypocritical and disingenuous when not downtright naive. Stop pretending you have any moral high ground because you support hypocritical measures. Vancouver did propose a ban - no new natural gas heating for new construction was proposed - no idea if it was promulgated. You like to make things personal - you attack everyone in such a manner - try debating facts and you may find it keeps your blood pressure lower. I have no issue with you being a left wing guy - there is room on planet for you and the right wing folk. Just realize some of us find the extreme viewpoints full of hypocrisy and, yikes climate impact, full of hot air.
  8. The team doesn't play in the east so that is moot. 9 points IS very close when you consider the two massive stretches with zero points during those runs. Five more wins is all it would have taken. It is easier to say than do but hard to imagine that the team with their top Dmen last year being present even 10 more games (given the Canucks were over .500 when both were in the lineup) then those wins could have occurred. Your concerns exist for pretty much every team in the league. The Canucks only lead the league in angst from fans.
  9. When all current education does is teach inequality, that is a tough row to how Alf.
  10. Don't understand the point. Not even the most wild claims from taking the scientific data shows human impacts to anywhere near the extend of the last pole reversal. The planet has seen far more than any projections. Further, more and more scientists are not sure if CO2 is the trigger any longer anyway as the correlation keeps getting worse the more accurate the data gets. However, let's suppose for a second that humans are the entire reason the earth has climate and the climate is changing in a way those humans don't want it to - great, then let's stop the political charades of carbon taxation that doesn't do anything to an inelastic supply in a country that has no real influence on the total and do SOMETHING meaningful. Alternatively, let's stop the crap about policies like banning natural gas in San Francisco (coming soon to Vancouver too I bet....your last mayor strongly hinted at it) when the majority of the electricity used to heat homes in San Francisco will come from energy that is far more correlated to "global warming" as their alarmists like to call it. Further, the life-cycle carbon use of a Tesla (10 year ownership) currently outstrips that of a Toyota Corolla assuming the electricity comes off the current US grid. Inconvenient truth? Finally, the hypocrisy of the icons of the movement to stop activities they find alarming when their own actions (e.g. Gore, Suzuki, Trudeau......) are of the "I can do what I want, my footprint doesn't count as I am special". Spin away as you please. If you view Climate as the key issue dividing the world to the point there is a lack of centrist politics, sure. However, those of us who sit there say stop the political crap and embrace some logical policies and strategies first as the whining is probably creating as much heat as sun spots and magnetic shift.
  11. This trend is a real concern. It is simply due to the fact, like the note above, that somehow the social engineering of the left wants equality of outcome versus equality of opportunity. While the extreme right's view of inequality for their benefit is no better, it is not as insidious and disguised as being a champion of human rights. So many, as evidenced by some here on CDC, have swallowed that kool-aid and lined up for more. The very notion that by knocking down qualified people to "level the playing field" it will benefit society - wow, just wow. The only real optimism is all the fractures you see on both extreme ends...the looney left seem to be coming apart at the seam with their more moderate factions, the alt-right (if that is still a term) have been caught defending the undefensible. I see potential for people to come to their senses and push for a society that truly does provide equal opportunity but stays very clear of meddling with outcomes......though still having the social grace and responsibility to take care of those who simply cannot take care of themselves (versus so much attention on those who simply choose not to and feel entitled). The basic theme is most who are whiny want something from someone else. Perhaps the center is best defined by those who realize their lives are up to their own efforts and accomplishments without expectation of anything other than opportunity without bias (race, religion, sex, etc etc. etc.). We are in a time where equality of opportunity has been so incredibly muffled....but, again, I remain optimistic logic will prevail within this generation. Fingers crossed.
  12. Again, show me a credible scientist that denies that climate change exists? I don't recall one perhaps you do. Climate change has been a constant for the planet - it is human presence and hysterical claims that have not.
  13. The Canucks nearly made the playoffs last year - two long losing streaks (both in the middle of extreme injury impact) and that was with a D corp that has now been significantly upgraded in at least three ways (Benn, Hughes and Myers). How on earth cannot that be better? Even if Tanev is injured as much as he was last year, it is still miles better. I don't get this constant fixation with negativity. There are no guarantees in professional sports but when you improve your lineup as dramatically as the Vancouver Canucks have, why be pessimistic?