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  2. I saw a game where one team simply had injuries catch up with them and officiating was so unlike the regular season that it was probably the least predictable (based upon regular season and even early playoff rounds) than at any year in recent NHL memory. That is what I saw.
  3. ??? I am not even sure what this means. Do I enjoy seeing a team I am pulling for win? Of course I do. I also know that I don't abandon them if they lose.
  4. OK, I started being a Canuck fan during that run and the team doesn't embarrass me now or then. You seem to have a really strange expectation of people in my mind - I suspect I will be same to you. The riot had nothing to do with the team. The "no finish" had a lot to do with injuries including their best Dman out entirely. Lack of effort? Really?! I often wonder if some of you holier than thou about effort know what it is like to get off a couch let alone play a single shift in the NHL let alone in a Stanley Cup final. The Canucks got within on game of winning the Cup. I guess you feel Bruins this year didn't try in the final game? Golden State in the final? What losers all these people are. I hope you don't get embarrassed by all of them or you must have a red face all the time.
  5. I don't get embarrassed by other people's choices. The team at that point was severely depleted and the team (coaching staff my guess) decided on a strategy that included trusting the officiating and they got burned. How on earth that is embarrassing to you is a concept I find quite odd. It takes very little skill to punch someone but a lot more to stick to a plan and not hit back. It didn't work for the Canucks in the end but you put Chara out instead of Canucks missing their number one D for that last few games and the Cup is likely Vancouvers and you could have avoided feeling embarrassed I guess. Real life situation - mouthy little guys at a bar who think they are tough (may be bulked up from gym/roids but don't know a clue about fighting). They won't stop yapping. You know in your heart of hearts you could hurt the little fella with one quick punch but you make a choice to walk away because you feel that is the winning strategy. Perhaps you are right and perhaps that is wrong but it is a choice you have. I certainly know it is a choice I have had many times. I don't feel good when I punch some piece of work. Is that embarrassing to you? How many fights did St Louis have in games 5, 6 and 7? Isn't it possible that Chara being injured and not up to snuff was more important to outcome? Unless you were on that team, in that room or on that ice, I don't know how you can feel you know why certain things unfolded let alone feel embarrassed by them.
  6. You put out an offer sheet and you paint a target on your back. One thing to do it IF you don't have any impending RFA targets.....another to do if you are Canucks. IF (and be glad I am not) I were in charge of Canuck personnel management, I would only offer sheet those that did not fall in the "first round pick" compensation range.
  7. Liberal MPs are jumping ship in droves as Trudeau continues to hobble the economy I guess not everyone agrees that Justin was ready..... Liberal MPs are jumping ship in droves as Trudeau continues to hobble the economy Come October, the Liberals will pay the price for Trudeau's economically suicidal policies Many of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal MPs have announced they are leaving or won’t run for re-election.Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images June 13, 2019 3:43 PM EDT RELATED STORIES Now that Justin Trudeau has tasted ‘de-platforming’ directly, he should help stop it Justin Trudeau's 'annus horribilis': All the reasons why the October election can't come soon enough Our energy industry is in crisis, but Trudeau is too busy doing damage control over SNC-Lavalin to act If polls are any indication, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is heading for the exit this fall but many of his Liberal MPs have already announced they are leaving or won’t run for re-election. The departures began even before the SNC-Lavalin scandal erupted this year. In September, Ontario Liberal (and former Air Force officer) Leona Alleslev crossed the floor to join the Conservatives because of disagreements with the government’s handling of the economy and foreign affairs. “Here at home, we see large amounts of capital investment leaving Canada while tax structures, federal infrastructure problems and politics prevent us from getting goods to market, and deter companies from expanding and undermine our competitiveness. For the first time in many years, Canadians don’t believe that tomorrow will be better than today and that their children’s future will be than theirs,” she said in a statement after crossing the floor. “Beyond our borders, our position remains vastly diminished. Our foreign policy is disconnected from our trade relationships and our ability to deliver on our defence commitments is undermined by politics,” she added. “We must recognize that foreign policy, trade, defence, and our economy all depend on each other and can’t be viewed separately.” This goofy clause in Bill C-69 will ensure resource development in Canada stops cold The crushing of Wilson-Raybould and Philpott is proof Canada is run by a Liberal cabal Justin Trudeau’s ‘annus horribilis’: All the reasons why the October election can’t come soon enough Her concerns hit the nail squarely on the head as Trudeau has continued to hobble the economy and mishandle foreign affairs. Deficits have soared, taxes have increased, promises to meet the 2 per cent NATO guideline have been ignored, pipeline projects have idled, a ruinous green agenda has been imposed, and he and his government have worsened relations by undiplomatically hectoring China, Latin American states, and the United States about their failings. In September, Bill Casey, Cumberland-Colchester MP, announced he wouldn’t run in 2019, as did West Nova MP Colin Fraser who claimed he wanted to serve the community in other ways. Translation: Disappointment. Before 2018 ended, longstanding Ontario MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj, then, in January, Scott Brison of Nova Scotia and Nicola Di Iorio announced they were out. That month, the Jody Wilson-Raybould scandal hit the headlines, then dogged the PM for weeks, obliterating what was left of Trudeau’s “sunny-ways” brand. She quit the cabinet after being pressured for months by Trudeau and his PMO henchmen — Gerald Butts and Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick — to derail the SNC-Lavalin prosecution. She refused and quit the cabinet, as did Ontario MP Dr. Jane Philpott. Weeks later, they were unceremoniously expelled from the Liberal party. In February, more Liberal MPs announced their “retirements”: Mark Eyking of Nova Scotia; T.J. Harvey of New Brunswick, and John Oliver of Oakville. And in March, Celina Caesar-Chavannes quit the party to sit as an independent reportedly over conflict with the prime minister, saying she won’t seek re-election. Following that, Don Rusnak of Thunder Bay, Nova Scotia six-termer MP Rodger Cuzner, Ontario MP and former military chief Andrew Leslie, and Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, MP for West Vancouver said they were out. Now we know the “sunny ways” masked the same old, autocratic, cronyism that has allowed the Liberals to dominate the civil service, crown corporations, favour Quebec, and reward their banking, legal and corporate sympathizers. And we also know that Trudeau is as much of a free enterpriser as was his late father who drove Canada’s economy into the ditch after wrecking Alberta’s oil industry. Justin Trudeau followed the advice of Gerald Butts, a serial job-killer who advised Ontario to spend recklessly and ram through a “green” agenda that has harmed its engine of growth, auto manufacturing. Then the two targeted Canada’s engine of economic growth, oil and gas. Thankfully, Canada remains a fossil fuel giant, four provinces have elected pro-business Tory governments and the Liberals are going to pay a price for their economically suicidal policies as well as their favouritism toward Quebec. When it’s enough already, it’s enough already.
  8. I guess you are living proof of the "opposites" attract theorem then.
  9. So you wanted Sedin to fight? Is that what this is all about? You are embarrassed because Sedin didn't fight?
  10. Given the likely return of a quality dman and a pick about the Boeser range, it would be a lot to give up unless you were 100% confident of signing the player to a very reasonable deal. Pionk is 23 and just broke through with 26 points on a very weak team. That's one less point than Goldy and three more than Stecher. Add in a "Boeser" slot pick - not sure that Canucks would trade Stecher and Boeser for Trouba...perhaps some would.
  11. Canucks had zero (negative) in the cupboard at that point - Rangers have been stockpiling prospects/picks (though starting to use them now). Different teams, different scenarios and different needs addressed with players acquired.
  12. Disagreeing with those that think Rangers won this deal. No way Trouba was re-signing with Jets and they parlayed that into a solid first round pick and a solid Dman with ceiling yet unknown. Trouba is a good player - a Trouba who isn't going to re-sign is a known challenge for a GM to get return. Challenged accepted and sure was a good return.