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  1. Uh, every team has extra players in camp and so to trade you need to find someone who wants what you have and will give you something in return - the players you want to trade would bring next to nothing IF you could find a trading partner at this time of year which is highly unlikely unless you were offering a blue chip prospect, high pick or established top four D man or similar.
  2. 60ish points in the loser point era is harsh. Canucks will likely be able to hit 70 and maybe 75 but hard to see making the playoffs given the relatively improvements of the the other teams. Things will have to go spectacularly well in terms of career years and lack of injuries to pretty much every one not name Sedin for the Canucks to have a sniff at 80 or more points. Realism people. This is what natural sports cycles are all about. Would have been much better to have started the rebuild in 2013/14 but that loses people jobs so the charade continued.
  3. This is perhaps the most realistic perspective I have read on this board in a long, long time and will be quite accurate I would expect. This won't take the decade it has taken Edmonton or the forever in Toronto but it won't be one summer and a few wishful thinks.
  4. You need to draft a strong second line and that hasn't gone well for the Canucks. They need a few more seasons to allow the Sedins to retire to use that cap space appropriately and then get the high picks that will come with some lower standing seasons which will be the unfortunate truth for probably two or three more seasons at least.
  5. This will be a tough year. Playoffs are likely a pipe dream as almost everything would have to go perfectly and with zero injuries with other teams in West having injury issues. However, this year and perhaps two more will be required to refill the tank and get some top end draft picks. No more trading picks....just stop it! It won't take a decade to get back like in Edmonton or a (seems like) a generation like in Toronto but it will be a few seasons before this team is credible in terms of playoffs let alone real contention. That isn't a bad thing as these cycles are inevitable. Fan base should support this as winning is all relative versus watching a team actually develop.
  6. well, his weekends must be a lot of fun one would guess. Probably sucks walking on bare floors though.
  7. Wow, overreaction much everyone? This is a good trade based upon organizational need and given that HS had a "work ethic" issue, character likely also played a role. Granlund has exceeded his draft position and is good in the circle which few of Canuck prospects or regulars can say. Go ahead and quote this post but in two years, HS will not be in NHL and Granlund will be a solid regular.
  8. what YOU see and what professional hockey coaches see is not the same. Unless you are at each and every game AND watch the game afterwards on tape for play away from the puck, you really have little idea on how any player actually played other than the times they are near the puck. There is so much more to the game than what the TV shows you are even what you see from your seat. You either trust your coaches or you don't - but their perspective is based upon a lot more knowledge and information than anyone posting on this board - and I say that with certainty.
  9. It is just you. After four games, the only thing that you can tell is who misses their summer break the least around the league. Weigh back in after the US Thanksgiving and then after New Year's Eve has occurred and if they are remotely in the shape they are now, that would outstanding for Canuck fans.
  10. Agreed and soon. Clearly a cancer. Traded to Montreal to get Kassian back so more integrity in the room, and on the party circuit with the rookies, can lead to better on-ice results.
  11. what ever happened to the days of having a GDT started on the actual day of the game?
  12. My favourite thread and I feel personally responsible for poor Clutch's demise. Hard to imagine an undrafted player toiling in the ECHL going on to play this many games and contribute so consistently over all those games. He remains underrated and a player that ANY team in the NHL would find room for in their line up. I was lucky enough to play 18 holes with him on our group. The fact he is about the nicest and most humble professional athlete on the planet doesn't hurt either. To Clutch, wherever you are, thanks for being so epically wrong.
  13. Disagree - each day those who live in your beautiful Province wake up and say "wow, we live in paradise". Think that Oiler fans say that? Think those who live in an oven in Phoenix say that? Think those who have to deal with Toronto winters, summers and "Torontonians in general" say that? Canucks fans are mostly the luckiest in the world as the majority live in paradise. The fact they have a good team as many years than not in recent memory is like sprinkles on top of an already over the top sundae.
  14. Wow. Your team has two locks of for the HOF and you drag up something that in a team sport is out of the control of any individual. These are two talents that have been in the top 10 at their positions for nearly a decade including seasons as being in the top 3 (or even the top). Unreal careers and to boot seem like about the nicest guys on the planet. The lack of team hardware is more of something fanboys will worry about than hockey purists who understand the nuances of the team game and the fact that those President's Cup teams and the razor closeness of 2011 would never have been even a dream without the Sedins. If they would have had even "above average" clutch goaltending and a winger with them who could score 30 goals WITHOUT THEM and then gone 50 plus with them, the conversation is about why the team didn't win more than two or three cups in those seasons.
  15. Do the words "John Tortorella" mean anything to you? It takes at least five to eight years to judge a GM (if they are given that long) as that is how long their moves, their drafts and their mistakes really start to show the trend of direction. Coach selection is also part of that puzzle. AV was, and is, a great coach and wasn't the problem Vancouver had and that mistake was a huge one for Gillis. He made some good moves for sure, all GMs make good and bad moves, but his time was up given it was very clear he didn't know what to do next. Give Linden and Benning a couple of seasons - this is clearly a transition time for the Canucks, and then judge. If the Canucks can play .500 this year AND develop two or three players they may be back in playoff hunt as soon as next year. Very few teams doing a rejig can turn things around so quickly (look at how long it is taking Edmonton, Phoenix, even Calgary) and it looks at least there is promise Vancouver might be one of those exceptions.