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  1. SAME WITH ANY CORONA VIRUS....see above stats on average year deaths in US alone. Pick your battles all you like but this isn't as harmful as many influenzas of the past. Far more cases than have been reported - likely 100's of times more (most will never even know they were infected). It is serious for sure, but no more serious than any other similar event. Where is your outrage on those events?
  2. Who hates those people? If you want to take every precaution, why pick a relatively middle of the pack corona strain over all the others that have occurred? Why didn't the league shut during SARS or H1N1 or even every season during flu season? EVERY YEAR in the US this is what happens - EVERY year. Why pick this particular event? Do you only not hate people during a media driven event?
  3. There is a higher risk from this year's flu and the remaining remnants of H1N1 but, hey, if you want zero risk I get it. NHL didn't shut during SARS in 2003 or in 2009 with H1N1 when healthy young people were dying.
  4. ? 4th youngest forward group and 13th youngest D group in NHL. Canucks are one of the NHL's younger teams and if LE was not on roster, they are 3rd overall youngest.
  5. Massive societal overreaction in general as young/ healthy people are not being impacted BUT it is only a game and professional sports is far less important than societal decisions about health so it was inevitable that season would be cancelled. Prediction - no SC this year just as Spanish Flu did once upon a time to NHL. SARS and H1N1 were far more dangerous to younger healthy people but the age we find ourselves prides decisions that are hysterical in proportion to risk so it is what it is (Bertuzzi invoked). Good year for growth for Vancouver. They will hit the ground running nicely for 2020-21.
  6. Just like you are an anchor of a poster.
  7. It wasn't too long ago that this was a common sentiment even though Marky by that point had shown great strides in his game. A later bloomer for sure but over the past two seasons, few goalies in the league have been as solid 5 on 5.
  8. So whatever team you follow doesn't have a key player or two? Of all the things people say, this is one of the silliest in hockey. The goalie IS PART OF THE TEAM. This isn't singles tennis. This is hockey. Hockey is a team game. It takes a team to win and on any team, some players stand out. Your analogy is "those 80s Oilers would not have been so good if it wasn't for Gretzky, Messier and Coffey" (three players that would add up to 60 minutes, like a goalie does). Every team has strengths and weaknesses. A strength in one area typically means a weakness in another.
  9. His minutes and defensive game will be important in playoff hockey. His value in that department is severely underappreciated. His offensive production is not as expected at his AAV but forgetting AAV, his contribution as a responsible forward who can move up and down the lineup and eat minutes when you need to control a game are unmatched across the current Canuck lineup save perhaps three others. No sarcasm whatsoever. Hate on as I know this guy gets mostly that.
  10. The Canucks also are near the top of the NHL in takeaways and goals scored off of such which comes directly from that more aggressive approach. I see a coaching style that is all about risk reward. I find it funny that a fanbase who cried for more entertaining hockey now has a coach who is providing that but with that comes a lot more shot opportunities the other way. While Marky/Demko have been forced to make some spectacular saves this season, the Canucks also have one of the best statistical trends in having clear shots (non-obstructed) which always have a very high %percentage and having one of the lowest "high chance" shot differentials in the NHL (e.g. the Canucks even when outshot are often ahead in the "high risk" shot differential). I would personally like to see the Canucks tighten up a bit but that is largely the job of having better skating Dmen and a bit more mobility up and down the lineup to play the style Green wants. What I don't mind is how well the Canucks defend when "hemmed in" so to speak as they keep teams to the outside and give up few high % chances which can really frustrate another team. Canucks, like I have been saying all year Alf, are a work in progress. I see them drafting and signing players who can first and foremost skate like the wind as that seems to be what the organization wants and they have a coach who embraces that. It can backfire for sure but for now, it is nicely entertaining and currently at least has them on pace to make the playoffs.
  11. Benn and MacKinnon would be best combo or even Gudbranson and MaKinnon Point is, put Hughes with MacKinnon and Hughes would have probably 15 plus more points. MacKinnon is underrated IMHO. I personally think he is hands down the best player in the currently including any Oiler, Leaf or Bruin that people want to talk about.
  12. If the Canucks have playoff aspirations, Eriksson will be very important.
  13. Just watched game (had to sleep after the very nice ceremony). The game went pretty much as I expected. Canucks were zapped for energy and never really caught up. Playing on emotion is tough. Very impressed they gutted the game out. Marky was brilliant and positionally solid. Players who seemed "out of sorts" and likely were overly impacted by the pregrame were EP40, Virtanen, Edler and Stecher.....perhaps interesting that two local kids and two Swedish players though Marky seemingly showed up so who knows. Wouldn't put any barometer on this game whatsoever.
  14. Severson's development appears a bit stalled but he remains a quality player for certain. Would not give up Virtanen for this player straight up so not sure why adding even more to make it happen let alone a 2nd round pick.