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  1. Then CDC should lock a lot of threads....
  2. Ya, but I would say Vancouver's top 6 easily outdistance that grouping.
  3. .....if that is your top 6, I am amazed people complain about the Canucks top 6.
  4. Canuck PTO's this year ?

    There are two brothers from Sweden in the Vancouver area I understand that came from SHL and then had pretty good NHL careers. Perhaps they could try out?
  5. That happens all over the world every day and blaming the parents for a kid having a region? That would be messed up so I agree with your point.
  6. Closing the schools is illogical as clearly those adults need some education and desperately.
  7. Sekera Injury Cripples Oilers - Leaves Defencemen's Future in Doubt Sekera injury cripples Oilers, leaves defenceman’s future in doubt Edmonton Oilers will be without Sekera after surgery Andrej Sekera is limping towards the finish line of his career. Literally. After losing most of the 2017-18 season recuperating from anterior cruciate ligament surgery, a tear that happened in Round 2 of the 2017 playoffs, the Edmonton Oilersannounced late Tuesday afternoon that Sekera had torn an Achilles tendon “in an off-season training session” and would be out indefinitely. He had surgery to repair the tear on Tuesday, the team said. GM Peter Chiarelli could not be reached for comment. The indefinite time frame on the injury infers that he could return this season, but even if he does, history tells us that this marks another lost season for the 32-year-old. As was the case with the ACL tear last season, Sekera may return after Christmas, but players traditionally require a full 12 months to regain form after an injury of this severity. From a team perspective, the loss of a second-pairing, veteran defenceman is crippling. Chiarelli will no doubt test the market but the market is all but closed at this time of year. More from Sportsnet Oilers defenceman Andrej Sekera out indefinitely with torn Achilles CANADIAN PRESS All that is left in a picked-over unrestricted free agent market are names like Toby Enstrom, Alexei Emelin and Jason Garrison, while teams with tradable assets have been trying unsuccessfully to move those players since before the June draft. More likely, the Oilers will have to make up Sekera’s minutes from within. Sekera often saw time atop the second power-play unit, and it should be noted that in his absence last season the Oilers power play floundered. Of course there were many reasons for that, but this season younger pros like Matthew Benning, the un-signed RFA Darnell Nurse, second-year pro Ethan Bear and perhaps even Evan Bouchard, drafted 10th overall by the Oilers in June, will all have to pitch in. As for Sekera, with three seasons left on his deal at $5.5 million per, he’ll have to be able to prove he can pass a medical after two seasons now lost to very severe injuries. In a game that gets faster each and every season, 32-year-old defencemen able to survive back-to-back lost seasons are rare. He played just 36 games last season, returning to the lineup on Dec. 21. But he had just eight assists (no goals) and was a minus-15, unable to find the pace of the game after ACL surgery. He played seven games at the world championships for Slovakia however, and appeared as if he would be back up to speed and ready to contribute on the Oilers blue line this fall. Now, who knows what lies ahead for Andrej Sekera?
  8. Yup, found a hockey rumour on the web and soon it was on four sites and so it was a "rumour" and I put it in "rumour" section. That sure does show who I am. What a person would put a "rumour" in the "rumour" section with a "rumour" tag. What IS the world coming to. For shame.
  9. I bet Grade 7 was four or five of the best years of your life. BTW - what do you propose people put in the CDC rumour section if not rumours? During your Grade 7 tenure did that topic come up on one of your years?
  10. I am busy building more websites - takes times - patience.....that last ruse took me 10 years of effort. BTW - do you understand what the term "rumour" means?
  11. I hope that isn't the case for you. No one wants to play goalie. Only crazy people that attract internet stalkers.
  12. When you look at this, Bruins sure need to hope their patience pays off with their three picks.
  13. Wow, that sucks. Good luck with it. That sort of morbid obesity is not sound for you - try smaller portions if you can't get some reasonable exercise.
  14. Does someone called “twilight sparkle” really has licence to be able to comment on danger?