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  1. 7 or 8 games into a season is always the best way to judge how the future will go without deviation. For example, Dorsett will score more goals than McDavid.
  2. Homerism for talking about one of their best young players in his rookie year where he has more than a point per game? What would it take for you to get excited about a player? Clearly you don't like this team and/or these players so why bother reading all the comments that annoy you? Part of your early release program?
  3. It's not all about points. Period.
  4. So you know better than Canuck management and coaching staff how to develop and execute their talent. Good to know.
  5. As a Panthers fan, can say Guddy was the key to their rise and it all fell apart when he was traded. I am still convinced fans in Vancouver will come to love the way this guy plays.
  6. Yes, they are trying to not score on purpose. They traded for Goldobin to never play him in NHL and any chance that he needs to work on aspects of his game are false and they are keeping him in AHL just to ensure they don't score. Sound silly? Well, that is what you are saying isn't it?
  7. He lee the league in luck last year IMHO and on balance of probalities it will catch up to him
  8. Talbot is a worry. McDavid played 25ish minutes and had two shots. vancouver may not make the playoffs but a bunch of teams may watch the video of this game to get an idea how to make the Oilers looks more average
  9. You don't find scoring 1 goal against a new franchise on opening night offensive?
  10. Sure seems we live in one country when it comes to transfer payments. You have to get the revenue from somewhere - the world cannot revolve around the smug generated by all those electric cars driving to protests in BC. When I see all those anti-pipeline people who hypocritical consume all nature of hydrocarbon products without caring where they come from I simply think of:
  11. Still is nice to have non-conflict oil available to the market from one of the most stringent environmental protection countries in the world. Also nice to think that having some form of revenue to pay for social programs would be available in Canada.
  12. You are asking that about your own thread that you have now posted in five times on a Canuck fan site the day before they meet his team? Post same thread on the Calgary fan site and see if you fare any better.
  13. Wow, that is a pretty high target for a sophomore player on a low scoring team that finished 29th last year. That would equal Subban and Suter from last year and be ahead of Ekman-Larsson, Fowler, Ghost, Barrie, Green and many other "offensive" Dmen considered at/near top of their games. If he replicated his rookie season but improved the defensive stats and could become a modest plus player, that would be an OUTSTANDING second year for him.