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  1. Interesting how Canuck assorted prospects are looking more energetic than the Oilers vets. Similar to the Flames game. Canuck management have brought it a fair bit of speed over the last couple of years - very evident. A bit of puck luck and officiating calls not missed and this is even a scoreboard that may flatter Vancouver. Score means little in this game but the energy and effort means a ton - and this looks like a "win" so far for the Canucks in that regard. BTW - the feed is brutal. Who are these announcers - they are brutal.
  2. On this we agree 100% I am trying to fill my hockey void in various ways - this isn't the best use. New role is picking up more now so I will be here less and less shortly and likely back more next off season assuming Canes or Panthers don't get a site really going.
  3. I miss all of it. It was part of my every day life since I was five or so - I miss it a lot.
  4. That sure doesn't hurt. I also liked Demko after the first period.
  5. Dunno, get tired of people who simply dismiss other opinions. I am happy to disagree with people, but at least feel as though consideration for another opinion can be valid. I also am tired of having people who clearly have never played the game say things about players as if they are not even human - just bugs me. I also miss playing and am happy to still be involved with the game but this time of year, should be on the ice. Perhaps that gets to me too much. Dunno - but perhaps I just was never even cool to start with (that's probably it).
  6. You seemed to make a pretty angry response to the guy who seemed to be making a joke - just seemed pretty angry to me. Besides, thought Will Ferrell would give you a grin but guess not. Apologies for trying to make it "lighter". I thought Sedins didn't look great too, for the record, but Edler wasn't too bad. Hard to really judge when there was so little flow to the game.
  7. I think the extra travel must be part of it but in my own experience, teams with more depth have fewer injuries - that is only empirical but for some strange reason it is what I have experienced. Not sure if there is hockey karma at work on such or perhaps guys hide their nicks and bruises a bit better when they know someone is waiting in the wings who may do equally well or better.
  8. You know, and this perhaps is the massive different between how you and I see things like internet discussion forums, I really don't care if you think my opinion "holds water". My career is what it was and my experience is what it is, for me to have to "prove" that my opinions are formed by such and are somehow more "valid" to you seems like something that I neither need to do nor care to do. You clearly don't have any time for my thoughts, experiences or opinions so why respond? To your point of "only you", that is not true given my CDC responses in general but if that makes you feel more valid in your opinion, go for it. I don't expect "the rest of you" (which is largely just you) to think one way or the other. I only offer up what I think and you are free to choose to consider it or not. Seeing you claim to disregard it entirely, why bother chiming in consistently to it then?
  9. Every team will have them - that is why all the threads about "Canucks have too many forwards!" "How do we have room for (fill in the blank)" make me grin a bit as if you have NHL skills, your likelihood of playing NHL games for the Canucks this year is pretty good I would expect. Last year, they had to ice a number of players not quite at the "NHL skill" level and this year it seems they have a better chance to avoid that.
  10. Markstrom looked like he wasn't seeing the pucks early enough....I was wondering how the sight lines were for him. As a taller guy myself, some rinks had a really bad contract between the boards (Bright) and the stands (Dark) that drove me nuts and made some shots really hard to pick up - particularly dump ins and point shots. Not saying at all that such was happening but he didn't look "set" a number of times to me.
  11. This is the first game for a lot of the players and so "burying chances" may be a tad rusty don't you think? I thought the team looked fairly cohesive actually - always things to work on but this didn't look like a 29th place team at all.
  12. Results in exhibition games are no different than practice before entering a true on-line multi-player are not necessarily trying to win as much as figure out some things to help you win in the real games that count. It never hurts to win, but take last night with the kids for example - nice they won but that game was a success for them even if they had lost 6-5 given how they responded after that Vegas game and how they dominated face-offs and met every attempt of Calgary to gain momentum. Exhibition hockey is kinda like taking your best friend's sister to a party. It can still be fun but it really means nothing....
  13. Hard to call this an NHL game - too many penalties and no real flow but Canucks look fine - this doesn't look like a 29th place team to me. With some puck luck, some normal officiating and a month of actual practice for their powerplay they seem to be a fair bit ahead of last year which I am sure isn't good news for tank nation. Not sure this is a playoff team (sorry Henrik), but this team will be more competitive and when you sprinkle in a few of the younger players still in North America there seems to be decent competition night in/out for roster spots which was certainly not the case last season very often (if at all).