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  1. Not Christy. That is all I know so far.
  2. Ahh that was you. Didn't realize you were from CDC. Your requests to join were denied because we thought you were random and your base was very very weak. Walls were scattered in random chunks etc. What you need to do is tighten up your base a little. If you don't know how, Google "coc town hall 3 base designs" or whatever level your town hall is.
  3. ^^ Ooh all that looks amazing. I really really hope they don't delay the release again.
  4. You mean Rockstar itself?
  5. We've been looking to expand our numbers a bit with some quality players so welcome aboard. I'm not sure how to add you though. If you search for HappyCanuck. is there a Join button? What's your name in the game? If we can get you in the clan before 2 PST tomorrow you should make it into the war.
  6. It seems Taco kicked you overnight. His reasoning was that you didn't communicate in clan chat and requested a lot of troops without ever donating any. Being a team player is an important part of the clan so those 2 issues often get people booted, We used to vote before kicking members instead of one person deciding on their own. Starting to miss those days.
  7. I see you've joined. You don't need to be a certain town hall. Just need to be active and try your best in war once you qualify. You're quite low on the clan roster so in tomorrow's war you probably will be sitting out. We have 32 members which means the top 30 will make it into a 30 vs 30 war. My advice to you is to focus on upgrading all your defenses and stuff as high as you can before upgrading your town hall again. That way you'll end up with a much stronger base later on.
  8. HappyCanuck. Join if you're an active player. We have lots of fun.
  9. Np. Figured as much. We ended up winning the war 70-41. Them Frenchies didn't have a chance. Taco has started his campaign to be the new leader. I'll hold him off. -'Jelly'
  10. I like our clan. it's fun.
  11. Down by the River, I like you, Thanks for the Wetcoastering
  12. When does Steam generally have sales? There were a few games I wanted to buy during the holiday sale but since I couldn't get into my account I missed out. I dont mind paying full price but I'm hoping to get it on sale soon.
  13. Anybody know when this year's teddy bear toss is? I Googled it but didn't see anything. I have tickets to tomorrow's game.
  14. Not serious...
  15. At the Bridgeport station you have to get off the skytrain and take a seabus across the river then get back on the skytrain on Marine Drive station on the other side. Takes about 10 minutes.