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  1. A real wipey dipey of a game
  2. Those teams were in playoff positions when they went into tank mode?
  3. Can you imagine being in a playoff spot and selling off assets? Has a GM EVER done this? I imagine the players would mutiny. You'd lose the room completely, along with the coaching staff. AND the owners. Why would anyone ever want to play for a GM who did this?
  4. tkanuk

    [GDT] Oilers @ Canucks 7pm Jan 16 2019

    Where Is My Mind as the song to talk about mental health? Was that weird?
  5. What. The Heck. Is a Gene Principe.
  6. tkanuk

    [PGT] Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 16, 2018

    What. The heck. Is a. Gene Principe
  7. gaudette's had a hell of a game
  8. The name Brodine pleases me greatly
  9. Sure. Your attempt at humour involved putting down someone less fortunate than you (useless bums.) That's not funny. That's mean. And easy. Why would you want to get laughs at the sake of someone else? Is it to make up for your own feelings of inadequacy? Maybe you yourself feel useless, because of your home life, lack of friends, or career problems, financial woes? So to rid yourself of those feelings, you call someone else useless. You pump yourself up at someone else's expense. But it doesn't work. You still end up feeling crappy, right? What a terrible cycle. But you can break it. You can be nice to other people, even on the internet. And that will make you feel less worthless. Because you're not useless, and neither are other people. How's that?
  10. You've established a worthless sense of humour. Why double down, troll? Are you a sad sad boy?
  11. This is offensive af. What hole are you from? I'll take hastings over it any day.