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  1. Olli Juolevi | D

    He literally took his game to the next level last season
  2. The poster I responded to says its worse in Toronto. It's not by a long shot.
  3. Very happy that Friedman did this. Canucks twitter has gotten poisonous and Botch needs to be humbled, if thats possible.
  4. The poster I responded to says its worse in Toronto. It's not by a long shot.
  5. I live in Toronto. Canucks twitter is way worse.
  6. 2 minutes for interferklence
  7. Loving Pedan on Ferkland so far
  8. Whitehouse Visit

    I thought you were going to drop truth bombs, not share links to the garbage dump.
  9. Whitehouse Visit

    What?? All those things still affect people today. That's my point! Women make less than men. Is that because of their bad choices? That's inane. And no ones condemning you. You can say anything you want. But if I disagree I'm going to say so. Where's the condemning? And i I already said what they're about! People get treated differently based on how they look. Women get raped. Brown people are suspected of being terrorists. Black men are shot by police. Are these all bad choices? No! If you refuse to see what's happening to people all around you, then I can't help you.
  10. Whitehouse Visit

    I gotta take issue with this statement. Saying that everyone's equal ignores A TON of historical context. Was slavery solved? We're there no effects from removing First Nations from their lands? When women were given the vote did they automatically have the same opportunities as men? I don't think so. You have privilege, even if you can't see it. And saying that the inequalities out there are because of individual choices is suspect to me. Are young black men just more inclined to commit crimes? Are they inherently more violent? Are they dumber than white people, and so invest their money more unwisely? I hope you're not saying that. Because saying those things would be racist.
  11. Whitehouse Visit

    Forget it guy. Patiently awaiting your "truth bombs".
  12. Whitehouse Visit

    Please "truth bomb" me. That's all I've been asking from you the entire time. And let's watch the name calling. I'd hate for anyone to think you're getting emotional.
  13. Whitehouse Visit

    I live in Toronto now, but I'm from east van. My posts were less about my personal experiences. But though I've witnessed some horrible things in EV, I don't doubt that it may be much worse for poc in parts of the states.
  14. Whitehouse Visit

    Those facts are correct. But it on the Obama point, you're right. But for Kaepernick this was never about the president. This was about bringing attn to injustice against black people, peacefully. Trump made it about trump when he called him "a son of a bitch" and he picked a side. A very racist side.
  15. Whitehouse Visit

    He doesn't "challenge" everyone. When that Nazi murdered a peaceful protester with his car, Trump said there were good people on both sides. One side was people fighting against racism. The other side was ACTUAL NAZIS. How is that equal in his judgment? his travel ban was only for Muslim countries (though not Saudi). How is that equal? and calling all Mexicans rapists is diff than calling one person a loser yeah?