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  1. Once again Oscar Fantenberg has a bigger impact than Loui Eriksson ever has.
  2. The guy is dumber than a sack of rocks. Nice kid though.
  3. Not Sure if Oscar Fantenberg is playing today but if so will he eclipse Loui Eriksson's point totals. That's what this game is really about.
  4. Oscar Fantenberg is now tied wit Loui Eriksson are now tied in points.
  5. I think the real encouraging part of this is that there is a program. There never used to be a safety net. Good luck Bobby.
  6. Aren't you being a little self righteous? How the heck did our idiot embarrassment of a PM get dragged into this? This is a hockey thread.
  7. One has control of their time. One chooses their time. Don't blame hockey or any other thing on TV, you choose to watch.
  8. As much as I loathe Calgary they are hockey fans just like us. Lets see and talk about the game right? Then a blow to the club. A blow that hits the fan. Remember when the Bertuzzi incident. Watched it happen as many of us did. There was this emotional hit past the shock of what i just watched. There was the realization the season was lost and we'd not be talking about the whole incident rather than the on ice play. I'm sure there's a few Calgary fans feeling that way right now. The team has struggled this season to meet expectations. Will this galvanize the team? How will a new coach do? It could all be motivation for an upswing in play or it could be the beginning of the end of the season. Race race is close. Falling several point behind is all it takes in this league now. A lot of things can happen. I'm curious as to what others think about the direction the flames season will go? With three ex unwanted Oilers I say they are done.
  9. Take Mexican law, guilty until proven innocent. So we need not be surprised with that thinking. For myself it takes a while to really absorb things fully but now this dude has resigned and written apology letters I'd say there no jumping to conclusions any more. The dude is toast.
  10. Wow what can one really say about that one? I was hoping for a point in the third but that sure didn't transpire.
  11. It's Mrs Erikkson.
  12. Weird , other than this thread the Flames haven't really been discussed this season. Now they have focus for the wrong reasons. Not because they are playing terrible. Are they playing terrible because of the coach?