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  1. In all fairness to Holland he's only been on the job for a few months but the optics have Edmonton taking a step backwards. What have they gained with the Lucic Neil swap? What have they gained in getting the well aged Mike Smith in goal? The moves to shore up the back end are moot. So far its tough to argue they are better.
  2. A lot of people forget what Gillis did here. I too wish him the best.
  3. I think Canucks fans should be delighted that Lucic and his size went to Calgary. Vancouver has gotten a lot bigger but they didn't need to get slower and that is what Lucic would have spelled coming to Vancouver. We need a big team that can skate not a big team that other teams can skate around.
  4. Totally agree. To top it off,I don't think Lucic has got much left in the fight department . It will however be interesting to watch Ferland and Lucic respectively. Ferland isn't going to let any funny business transpire. We also can't forget Jordie Benn. This guy is tough as nails and sticks up for his pals big time. I don't think Calgary is as team tough as they once were and having Ferland staring them down from the other bench will be a reminder of the team toughness they traded away. Calgary stood tall with that beast in the line up. Trading him to the east coast was a way to face him less until now. You also mention Rousell, that guy impressed me big time last year. not so much in the tough pesky department but in the hussle department. Lucic can be tougher than nails but how's he gonna keep up. He couldn't keep up in Edmonton. That was a big problem. McDavid was blazing around and Lucic on many occasions could keep up, the play was done or he late. Calgary is a good team. James Neil did nothing last year and Calgary forged onward. They will forge onward with or without Lucic. Edmonton on the other hand actually seems like they will be worse this coming season. Lucic might have wanted to come home to Vancouver but from what I've been reading that was a pipedream. I'm sure he's glad to be moving to Calgary. Now Vancouver has to get rid of Louie.
  5. Quinn Hugh’s I’m not saying that because I’m a huge fan of the possibilities this guy possesses. I’m say this because of the other guy on the list provided. They are gonna make this kid better. He’ll have room and gentle reminders from his elder players of his defensive responsibilities. This fellow is going to hit the NHL hard.
  7. Now drink beer the fridge is full. I'm serious, full!
  8. Thatcher Demco will have every opportunity to be a solid backup. Goaltending can’t be forgotten here Both goaltenders should have a team in front of them that gives them some breathing room. Vancouvers goaltending tandem has the potential to be the best in the division. Vancouver’s goaltender have been given the chance to be the strongest in the west. Vancouver can pound older teams like San Jose LA and Anaheim The California teams are old . The pick up of Tanner Pearson can’t be forgotten either. He’s another greasy player.
  9. I noticed a far more comprehensive thread than this. i didn't see it below.
  10. Im of the opinion that Vancouver has gotten the attention of their fellow divisional rivals. Have they leapfrogged some of these teams? They definitely have gotten tougher to play against. I believe they have leapfrogged Edmonton and left any notions of Lucic coming here done. Calgary is another team. i say that because of Vancouver's goaltending and the realignment in front of them. Vancouver's goaltenders just got a bit more room. Stellar. The California road trips won't be so hard to watch either. Thoughts?
  11. I think your point is more important than one may realize. A team needs to keep improving and making tough decisions on their growth. A tough choice will be Jake Virtanen. I'm not having any problems in the recent movement but know complacency is just around the corner.
  12. In Gaudette's case he has time more time to develop and prove himself. In Jake's case he had better be motivated because he's not the only power forward. Nothing is easy any more. Also the rest of their division has been put on notice. Vancouver won't be an easy 2 points any more.
  13. Let me clarify. I'm referring to players of the same ilk.
  14. Bennings career in Vancouver has been extended ... for now. I wonder why he didn't make these moves sooner.