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  1. JB is doing fine. Not only did he inherit bare cupboards but he inherited a pile,and I mean a pile of bad LTCs.
  2. Great perspective. I fully agree. Even though his numbers in goals and assists was lower than expected he wasn't a black hole on the ice. Watching him score on his own team during his first game set the pace. I hate to say it but I instantly thought he was going to have a rough season. How ever the perspective you have supports a much better season.
  3. Why does Chris Cutbearth (no sure how to spell his name),come to mind. We got Kermit the frog as the CFL voice.
  4. I think this is a good move. He was pretty good in training camp but we know how the whole deal ended for him. We also so how WD seem seemingly didn't know how to use him. As much as he was having injury problems he also had to deal with incompetent coaching. Management did the right thing in signing this kid. Lets see what he really has.
  5. I go back to Willie. The dud is gone. His systems that didn't work are gone. The man that kept playing the same tune is gone. We really have no idea what this team looks like out side of WD's same old systems that didn't work. Some one wanted me to humor them and tell them what systems weren't working? How about all of them. See Vancouver's 2016-2017 record. So Glad WD is gone gone gone!
  6. One has to consider the panel. One also has to consider getting a life if you were watching the free agency signings on the TV. One of the most beautiful days of the years.
  7. Agreed fully. Botch is a fantasy sports writer at best. He has little respect among any players. I really like these moves. Nothing no flashy. This will be a solid sub .500 team in a development year. Get used to it kids.
  8. You come across as not smart.
  9. Personally I'd like to see that entire town swallowed up by the earth. I loathe the Oilers and their fans. I was overjoyed when Anaheim kicked them out of the play offs
  10. You got that right. He's become dead wood until he starts playing again.
  11. I'm no Oilers fan but you need to check your numbers. They did not suck for 15 years. It was only 10 years since they were in the CUP final. Since the incompetence of ownership[ and management has had more to do with the Coilers sucking hind tit. Their biggest mistake was constantly bringing old Oiler players to run their show. Where did any of those fools get the their experience. They didn't. They also didn't learn because it wasn't until Cherelli took over did things start going well. When you have poor leadership up top you have sweet all. A least we can say Canuck management is growing.
  12. It's to see a little optimism around here for once.
  13. You must be a Calgary fan
  14. Good move, prudent. Last season was crap for this guy because injury and WD's looser system.
  15. I'm a greedy basterd, I'd like 3&5 plus what's in place. However if the pot is too rich stand pat JB. There's no more inexperienced management team any more. So now my expectations are 100% performance related. I'm really looking forward to this offseason.