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  1. I'm not your bud pajama boy.
  2. I'll start fresh. Some of you just don't see how poor a coach WD is. Ok they won last night. Big deal. This group failed miserably to generate enough shots and were lucky the Leafs missed open net shots themselves. Last night this group was lucky. Don't be fooled by a win here. I go bad to the Ducks game. The group wasn't even close to ready, an infant could have been set in front of the TV and fallen asleep in record time. The worst part of the game was watching WD getting totally out coached by Randy Carlyle. it still miffs me that Erikkson is on the third line. His defense has been great of late but how's this guy even going to get 15 goals stuck on the third line? His misreads on Virtanen's development are unforgivable. Sending the kid down after fumbling around with his has him in Utica not only finding his game but his purpose and confidence. WD is meant for another lower league, not the NHL. The patience part for me is waiting until they turf this dud.
  3. I haven't missed a thing have I?
  4. You know Tryampkin keeps getting better and better. This kid has self confidence. He's been made to feel very part of the team. He's not stupid,he's been looking at the money end too. This guy could be one of the highest paid Canucks ever when all plays out. Compare the effort he takes to cover space compared to Stetcher. I'm loving this Tryampkin kid big time. He's nasty too.
  5. Now I'm having a cold beer. Cheers
  6. No, I'm not drunk. I should ask the same of a clown dressed in a super hero get up. Hard to take an adult seriously with that get get up. what super hero are you? Adults can drink when they choose. I've been a fan since the beginning long before the likes of that failed group you refer to.
  7. It has been a long journey. Long on lacking development. This panic within the Vancouver fan base is due to not recognizing development. We've never seen it.Fans don't know what it looks like or feels like. There have been few developed players over time.
  8. lol. I've refrained from commenting on the Flames thus far. My feeling coming out of the gate that they weren't as good as advertised. The hiring of Gulutzan during the summer was the reason why. This guy was a dud coach for Vancouver. What was Calgary thinking? So coaching sucks. Then goal tending - That speaks for itself. Any more red lights and they'll send out a vice squad. The rest- a Chinese fire drill. People were talking about Vancouver, we know they're a very challenged group right now but they are improving from the beginning of the season. Calgary on the other hand is in reverse. Going into the season the experts were touting the playoffs as a sure thing. Not surprising. Glen Gulutzan as coach? lol First mistake.
  9. WD is the wrong guy to bring this group along.
  10. Tell me they're not sitting Tryampkin for this dud tonight. I agree, Larson is a disaster.
  11. You got that right