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  1. I like Hartell. He would bring relief if he could last without injury. I've always liked his play. He's a heavy player who has no fear and is a great teammate. I question his longevity but he won't hurt things if healthy. Still skates well. Also what does JB have to give up to get him? SH still has a couple of years left on his contract does he not?
  2. Batwoman I'm not sold on your attitude.
  3. You know I'm putting a lot on Jake growing up while taking some lumps. I'm giving his home environment some credit,he'll be fine. It's grow up time
  4. When you collected Esso Power Play Cards. Been a fan since day one. Too long without a CUP but willing to wait.
  5. The Problem with these types of players is they are now behind. Every team in the league knows about all these guys. They've moved on. Teams only have so much room for player development. If Vancouver has PTO players they'll most likely be vets not a greenhorn.
  6. Do I think we're running out of mid offseason topics,yes .
  7. You totally over value Gautheir, that's where this goes off the rails. Ending with a weird . Reload the bowl and carry on it's the middle of summer
  8. One factor in Mcann leaving was his attitude. Why would they deviate and get a guy that's worse
  9. He'll fit when he grows up.
  10. I agree, inner competition should make for a player. JB has done a pretty good job of upping the compete level of the team and has a lot of people looking forward to next season.
  11. I think the key for whomever is playing with the Sedins is keep moving to an open spot. Eriksson is one tough mother on the boards, something people miss. Aside from scoring with the twins he may well be the best cycle guy they've played with. I'm looking forward to a possible different cycle. Can there be a refreshed cycle with a player like Eriksson coming on board? I'm thinking and hoping so.I still think gaining the zone first then cycling is the MO, but can things get changed up a bit with the talent of Eriksson?
  12. I didn't go through each post but has there been any response from Eriksson coming to Vancouver. I've not seen or heard anything. How badly did he want to come here out side the dough?
  13. There so many variables to really predict at this point. 30 games in we'll know.
  14. I like both players. I really hope there's a place for them and they succeed. That's why they've been retained. i think the opportunity is there for the taking. Both played,with Pedan playing defence and forward . Both played depth roles when injuries were in play. Vancouver knows what they have. Both players sport size and toughness,plus speed. One should note JB has stuck to the plan of getting younger,faster and bigger. When it comes to Pedan remember he's a de-man that is still developing. They will be motivated, they too have watched who the Canucks have drafted. Grenier his time is now. Pedan has time but needs to keep growing.