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  1. Gaunce has come to camp in premo shape and from what I heard on 1040 he's looked real good, could very well be in the line up opening night. I think we're in for some nice surprises this season
  2. You got that right. There's a lot to dressing for success or dress the part. I hope for Zachs sake his life is back on track, but it's a disciplined walk. I saw him at a Canucks function a few years back. He looked like he was just stuffed into his suit, with help.
  3. Nice. But did he work at getting any smarter?
  4. Plus they played top defenders this whole tourney. They won't be facing that every night during the season
  5. I think we all know the guy is big and can hit. Technically though, Giza game will only be effect when he learns the angles of the smaller ice. His size will eliminate a lot of open ice quickly while defending. Entering the Vancouver zone is going to change if uses this feature he possess' How about behind the net. In front of the net? His agility is better than one would think.
  6. He needs a huge career threatening hit early here. Every one will take notice. I'm not endorsing this but just saying.
  7. Most of this crowd don't remember the flower. Plus the bonus smoking between periods. I was in awe of this guy. He was my favourite
  8. He's no Guy Lafluer, but who is? But Guy?
  9. As in hes big? I agree without sarcasm, he's just a big SOB
  10. I don't think that's asking too much but injury factor comes into play. The depth is the question. Who knows if this group gets a solid start and some team confidence.
  11. Thanks for that. I know he got married this summer and did the honey moon thing. I wonder how his skating and endurance us? I think he's well aware what is expected of him, it's just that we don't know what he expects if himself. There's no body of local work to look at yet. The what ifs are plenty, I know I've had a few of those,we'll soon all know.
  12. I heard some one on 1040 mention he'd dropped the weight they asked him to drop and that he was in shape.
  13. Who cares what we call him, how's he looked thus far?
  14. I'll toss this in too.