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  1. I think JB deserves some credit here too. There are several players on this current roster that have been brought in and failed expectations management and fans had of them. This in turn shifts to JB's management of the team. I include Linden also. All of last season management defended making their moves even though the players they were defending were struggling. I thought Eriksson, Gudbranson and Sutter played very well. Markstrom was outstanding. We all know this is one game but I think people have to like what JB's vision of a team with the right coach look like. I do not recall last nights team energy under WD.
  2. I have high hopes for this guy. I'm glad Vancouver didn't give up on him.
  3. Lets just remember this is a pre-season game.Both teams more or less know what they have as far as the main stays go. One advantage Vancouver has is the fact they'll get a good look at their young players playing against a higher talent level while the big club is in China. This could prove to be huge for the players that don't make the big club this season. They'll be moving on to their respective clubs with something to work on this season. No one should be board playing in their respective leagues this winter.
  4. This can't be based on one game.
  5. These are the posts that over hype a player by fans that have no clue.
  6. We have to remember the age group of the fan base is young and ill informed when talking rebuild time frames. This isn't instant fix.
  7. WD was a disaster! So glad Mr Stale is gone. The most boring system ever.
  8. All these goofs are looking for the next big scoop. The market has been saturated with so called sports reporters and not enough real stories. Sports reporting in Vancouver has become a joke. Few of us give them much creedence. Just last week, Botchford comes out with the big FALSE story of Hovart signing a bridge deal. Not the first time this guy makes stuff up.
  9. Come on now, dirtbag? For some one with a different view than yours? Come on.
  10. Thanks Alf. I'll give it a try tomorrow at work. Us hockey addicts need a boost with a better hockey source.
  11. 1040 has become dull. Unimaginative broadcast after broadcast. The Moj just keeps dropping names into dullness.
  12. Makes me realize how big a mistake hiring WD was.