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  1. I'm a little sad but not surprised. Coming out of the gate at the beginning of the season you knew this was serious when he refused a conditioning stint. WD sat him too long. How ever one never heard his complaints maybe because of the language barrier. I didn't think he played enough either. WD is gone yet his imprint was left on this club. The mishandling of Jake V. The over playing of guys like Megna and not the fruition of Tryampkin leaving. A lot of this falls on WD's head and on managements head. Management failed to turf WD after the early season 9 game loosing stretch. They stuck with the dud that kept playing to win with his vets. WD kept pounding round pegs into square holes. Tryampkin has to wear the attitude end of things but he obviously didn't get what he wanted out of hockey when he came here. Tryampkin was not shy about mentioning the coach not playing him enough. I loath WD and am now very disappointed once again in Linden and JB for not moving on WD sooner.
  2. A great day
  3. I might have an 11:37am beer. Ok o will, I feel your support! Cheers brother!
  4. This team lacks heart. The Sedins are the Sedins but they have become bland. Edler, does this guy even have a pulse. Not a real $hit disturber among the whole bunch. This team needs some heart and not some small guy playing above his weight class. Seen far to much of that ineffective approach.
  5. Good point and we still need to buy our own beer.
  6. What a great Monday this is. Celebrate, drink beer and then drink more beer. Don't feel too bad for this guy, he's been paid millions.
  7. Willie still thinks he can make the playoffs
  8. Perfect night to deal the Sedins on some NHL corner to some sucker.
  9. Why predict this? It doesn't matter? We'd be better to predict how many will watch?
  10. I'm sure I'll take some heat from this, (what some one wearing a rubber suit thinks doesn't count,:)). Watching last nights game and the many games preceding it this season the Sedins are slow and predictable. Splitting these two up should have been done long ago. Our two aging stars have faded tremendously this season alone. Torts pointed out staleness on the team. The Sedins at that point were stale not moldy These two Vancouver icons have become moldy. Together they are to slow to be one one line together. Split up they will individually barely keep up. Vancouver is building a team through youth. The leadership the Sedins bring to the table is not even a debate, they are beyond solid. Yet when they hit the ice they've needed to be propped up in the speed department by one quick winger and now Hansen is gone they end up with young players expected to play like Hansen. I try and watch every game, at least keep an eye on things for of late it's below par entertainment with the same feel. That feel is the Sedins, the old core, including Edler. Last night was no different. I'm not talking result, II'm talking the on ice performance. Boring beyond words. There still lies a coach in WD, who has turned into a WTF kind of coach on a nightly basis. That has not helped the Sedins cause. WD rode them into the wall until he was told to play the young guys. If they were going to be split it should have been long ago. Right after they figured out Erikkson was a bust. All that's too late now. The Sedins are done. It's like have two Higgens on the ice. Big heart no wheels. It's over. I would not be surprised if we see these two re-evaluate where they are at and retire sooner than later. The Sedins are now holding this team back. It's a reality Vancouver fans have to accept now for they're not gonna be around more. They're predictable, no speed, failing passes and their hands are going quickly. I've been a big fan of the Sedins but they're done. Its over.
  11. I think your point on JBs and WDs realstionship being stained is key to WDs future more than JBs. I'm tired of WD
  12. Is it me or are the Sedins slower now than at the beginning of the season? They were slow then too but seem painfully slow now. They're skating like Tiger Williams.
  13. He has become indifferent.just like last year and the year before that.
  14. Edler not looking good, yet again. The Sedins are now beyond slow. These 3 players are now becoming a larger portion of the problem. Edler has gone totally bonehead.