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    Fire Green!

    I'm not so sure firing Green will change much. The personal will be the same. Where's the bite on this team?
  2. Not built for the playoffs. That collapse was pathetic.
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    Jim Benning

    You insinuate a lot.
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    Jim Benning

    No I'm unhappy this isn't a team built for the playoffs. And yes I'm unhappy that Loui is still here. I said nothing about miller for a 1st. You cooked up that thought.
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    Jim Benning

    lol You are right. I stand corrected.
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    Jim Benning

    Well here it is one week after the trade deadline and the Canucks have fallen face flat on the ice. I just finished reading an article regarding Boston moving David Backes to the Ducks. The article is clear that moving David Backes to the Ducks gave the Bruins some much needed cap space to make some moves. It was a five year $30 million deal. Sound familiar? It was a sound move on the Bruins part. It seems every team has an albatross contract these days but no where near as many as Vancouver. Meanwhile in Vancouver there are more than one crap deal that's on the books. Loui Ericksson, 6million /year Sven Baertschi, 2.7million /year, on the books n the minors because he can't cut it. Nikolay Goldobin, $900,000. /year Brandon Sutter, $4.375,000/year Total $13,975,000 Now I'm not clear on how much of this actually counts against the Canucks cap but regardless this is an expensive pair of handcuffs haunting this team. That's a lot of money to sign present players to new contracts but even more so there would have been leverage the team could have dearly used this past trade deadline. This right now not tomorrow Jim. These are 4 players basically moot when on the ice and yes I'm including Brandon Sutter. He's prone to injury and hasn't done much other than shadow the odd guy of late. Disappointing veteran who could have led the way yesterday by example of how to finish a game out. Loui Ericksson, the best open net specialist in the league, does nothing. How many times have we seen Loui not being able to finish with a clear scoring chance most others would bury? I'm really getting tired of hearing the ",hes so good defensively," line. Meanwhile JB states they can draw from within? Maybe so but Travis Green has to play those call ups sitting in the press box. If we can live with Loui we can live with a up and comers growth mistakes. That's how a player grows isn't it? The other two stuck in the minors belong there. Vancouver is no where near big or tough enough. The skill that Benning has drafted has been great to say the least yet his business dealings have been a disaster. So it's 6 of one and a half dozen of the other. Should Benning remain in charge of this group? After this past road trip I say it's time the Aquilini's to strongly consider change, which I think they have done long ago but are waiting to re evaluate at seasons end. JB has cost the group a lot of money and they have been more than patient, they threw their support behind? Benning over Linden which fractured the relationship between the Canucks and Trevor Linden. The cost has been beyond money. (I'm not saying things would be any different with Linden's direction either, we don't know because he isn't here). Any one stating this is a worthy play off team has to re-evaluate their position. The losses on this road trip were the wrong kind of losses to be involved in at this time of year. They were choker losses. If I watch Toronto and think they are an impostor chump team that will never get past, Boston, Washington nor Tampa in the playoffs how do we think Vancouver would do in the West? St Louis, Colorado and Vegas are ramping things up and steam rolling these days. Do we think Vancouver is ready for these teams? The Goaltending with Markstrom out has not been good but part of that is due to the team play in front of the goalies. Markstrom has covered up a lot of flaws this. Look at the shots allowed every game. It's insane, far too many. This team is not built for the play offs. It's still an October team. This team needs another lottery draft and some big changes in the front office this off season. I really like JB and have supported him over all hoping for some drastic change. Prudent drafting has saved this mans job but i'm starting to think his contract may not be renewed in the off season and I'm not against that. It's time to move on from Jim Benning. I'm not happy. This past road trip took me back to the feeling of last season's group. Not good enough with some great players.
  7. Wow. First off I think Toronto isn't very good. What does that say about Vancouver? I don't see a playoff team. Not hungry enough Not big enough and definitely not tough enough. That was a stagnant game to watch from the beginning. I know I'm not standing alone when its stated Vancouver simply isn't a playoff team. Even if they do some how manage to get they will be out very quick. With all the injuries to Toronto's back end Vancouver couldn't find a way to win this. Pathetic. Once again they came out seemingly not ready to work. Long reaching stick checks that got flicked away. Troy Stetcher. Sorry buddy but we need an up grade at your position you're simply too small on a back end that already has a smaller but very effective Quinn Hughes. Brandon Sutter is now invisible along with Roussel. Roussel is about as effective as Sven Bartschi or last year Marcus Grandlund. This team is going no where this season. Heading to a lottery pick yet again. From a Canucks stand point that was a bad hockey game.
  8. I remember the early years down at the Pacific Coliseum and watching Phil Maloney old school and good times. A Canuck worth remembering.
  9. It's so hard to predict with so many teams being even in the standings. A injury here or there changes the picture over night.
  10. I think Juolevi has lost some speed after his injury . no speed no NHL
  11. I would wonder how well he'd do as Tanev's replacement.
  12. How do you watch his games of are they high lights? I'm interested. Is the team Tryampkin on any good?
  13. I started out thinking Simmons would be a great fit yet now I"m changing my mind. I think there are more cheaper solutions with a higher quality in returns. I think Simmons is done.
  14. I'm looking at the Flames of late. I think they are in a bit of trouble on the depth end of things. They are keeping pace with the rest of the division but just barely. I'm loven it. Any thoughts? Am I the only one seeing this?
  15. This is ammunition that Leafs fans will have to endure for a long time. Normally i just check the early HIC games to check scores. Not yesterday. I'm still getting over the fact I watched a whole Leafs game out side the Canucks being involved. What a game to catch. When the last Carolina goalie went down and the reality of some non NHL goalie was coming in I thought well let see how many they score on this guy. Especially when he let in his first 2 shots. Who didn't think that Toronto was going to get a much needed win and rack up the goals? I sure did, who wouldn't? As we know that didn't happen. The Goal tending story was front and center but we all know that wasn't the real story. Carolina galvanized as a team. They totally shut the Leafs down on a night when Toronto had a scoring opportunity equal to that of having the man advantage for the rest of the game with a walk on in the oppositions goal. That was a historically epic collapse. All the usual game loss one liners. "We gotta be better', "this one's on me". I'm sure they'll have a players only meeting. Vancouver and Toronto have similar records but totally different feels. I'm looking back to the firing of Mike Babcock. I remember what Babcock was preaching to his team and in the players eyes he was mean. Mike knew. Then they bring in this guy from the Marlies and the Leafs took off. Then they really haven't have they? Last nights performance should reflect on the coach as much as it does the players. This was a disaster. If they did indeed cook up a strategy for the third period they failed to remotely execute anything for they were shut down and the back up goalie actually gained confidence and hung in there. I still can't get over the fact the Leafs didn't capitalize on the greenness of the player and the fact it was in front of a packed crowd. It was a flop show. What's Kyle Dubas going to do now? The wonder kid GM and mid-season coach don't look to great right now. This was a sweet night for Leafs haters like myself. It was a sweet hockey night, 2 back to back highly entertaining hockey games. (note: if I'm repeating earlier posts so be it, I never read them all. )
  16. That might have been Eriksson's best goal as a Canuck
  17. I'm think Benning needs to jump on the opportunity to move Tanev and Stecher. Especially in Tanev's case because he has miraculously avoided injury this season. I can't remember this happening and i'd bet it won't last. I Hughes will do just fine without Tanev. Fans can't get lulled into a false sense of security with Tanev. Stecher has been steady but the back end needs a bigger tougher guy than Troy for the upcoming playoffs. What can one say about the Eriksson and Baertschi contracts. I'd throw Goldobin in that mix too. I'm still not fully clear on buy outs and how they effect the cap.
  18. I highly doubt Juolevi will be seeing a regular spot on the Vancouver roster ... ever. He's lost a step with all his surgery and I'd say he's done as far as any big regular play at the NHL level. Trading Juolevi would be a prudent move and not too much to give up.
  19. First off there's always risk , ,always. You don't' use premium assets to shore up your bottom 6. Bottom 6 players are relativity cheap if you don't over pay as JB seemingly has for our current bottom 6. So getting away from over paying is probably the best part of this trade. Tyler Madden hasn't played a second with the big boys and doubtfully would crack the position he plays.