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  1. Glad its done. by the time of renewal there'll be lots of loot to resign everyone even me.
  2. No, but miller and ferland are just tougher. i really don't care how many they've had. that's their choice to play. I'll go with the bigger guys every time.
  3. I noticed Petersson is glowoing about having Ferland playing next to him. He loves the fact someone will go dig the puck out for him. This is good early. Very good.
  4. Who's Bailey, recent draft pick?
  5. Theyve been scouting the BCJHL for years.
  6. Great point. Forgot about PJ Stock. From what I understand Kyprios had a arrogant chauvinistic attitude. That only flies so far in today's politically correct world. Kyprios wasn't great. In today's corporate world the chances of hm having a female boss were real good. Old school fool. We could all do with less Kyprios and PJ Stocks. I through Mike Milbury in there too.
  7. Always loved this guy. He just went about his job honestly.
  8. No not small. I did think he was heavier. Still the potential line up is so much more abrasive for the long haul. Pretty big down the middle now, definitely nastier. I'm loving this.
  9. Respectfully speaking this is why were are not GM's. It's easy to say were missed out on free agents but one has to keep the big picture as far as contracts in perspective. Beyond this season. New contracts will interfere with future salary cap issues and resignings. Albatross contracts are what pisses me off. Overall JB has ratifiedectified some of his past offseason with his performance this offseason., Glad he didn't sign some of last years Canuck free agents like hutton and granlund. That's as important as not signing everything that has a pulse.
  10. Thankyou. I was stuck short of looking it up . Do you think Gaudette is smaller?
  11. I'm glad to hear that about Chatfield. I've been keeping my eye on his from day one.. Really liked his moxy. Really glad to hear his name. he never seems to be in any discussions.
  12. Now that people are actually showing up and skating the size is more than evident. Now I'm wondering who are the small guys left. Is Petterson seen as small now he's beefed up. Alex Biega, small, Sven Baetschi, Is Gaudette considered small. Who else. Is that it?
  13. A little harsh, it's sports, that's all.
  14. Interesting. I just wonder about this guys durability. It seems like he's turned the corner in his career where if he gets injured slightly and misses a few games will he catch up with the class so to speak? I think sometimes it's not so much how one comes to camp, you gotta be in shape and up to speed. There's no leaway. If sutter goes out just for a few games he could be cooked as far as catching up. He had visibly lost speed last season before he went down. Give him a chance and see where it goes.
  15. I've always liked Doug Maclean. Too bad he's out. That said hes one of those guys that won't be out of hockey for too long. Good luck doug.
  16. Where do you find that? Hilarious if true.
  17. I hope there's a few Hitmen games on we can catch. I like watching players play with their peers before the big step up.
  18. I agree. This guy makes $hit up to stir up. He doesn't do real journalist reporting. He's a speculative guy. That's it. I haven't missed him.
  19. I know ridiculous. Hell you and I could start our own feed just on rumors and probably do ok.
  20. I’m most excited about this up coming season because of the restructured defence. The added team toughness should be noticeable. Plus the stable goaltending. Theres going to be room for our skilled players to play without worried about getting mugged.
  21. Now there are rumors of Edmonton signing Patrick Marleau. Thoughts on that. Ken holland is really trying to shuffle the deck if this is true but I'm actually thinking it's not a bad move just from the standpoint of bringing some stabilization on and off the ice. Seems as though edmonton is on a heavy recycling program. edmonton with a small "e".
  22. I'll add to my small thoughts. For all of JB shortcomings one of his strong points is his drafting of goaltending. Demco was a prudent move during JB's first draft. Yesterdays signing adds to the depth Vancouver enjoys. Meanwhile we've been watching repetitive marginal goaltending for many teams. Teams recycling their goaltenders amongst themselves. That isn't happening with Vancouver. We can't be too quick to trade Marky. Markys emergence as a starter has been slow, but steady on all levels. This gives JB and company time not to rush Demko's development. Gives them time to develop all their other goaltenders. JB keeps the thought of building from the goal outward. Just stay the course. Deal with the resignings accordingly.
  23. Moving on from Demko? Bull$hit! I'm sure this has been mentioned, it's called depth. Demko hasn't even had a season at backup. What is this an edmonton Oiler troll post? Yes edmonton with a small e.
  24. Well stated. Thank goodness there are articulate people on this site regardless of view. Myself not so much. People like to dump on JB calling for his head yet fail to come up with a viable replacement. It’s not just Jim Benning, he has a staff. Jim goes some jobs go . Lives change. A replacement costs more money.