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  1. LOL you're hilarious what are you twelve? Remove your tampon and cheer up a bit, Grouch.

  2. And you were the "ugly" child right?

  3. Just received 1500 dollars

  4. Oh sweet jeesus 1 more day of work ... then back to good ole school

  5. Hates that he wants summer to end just so there can be hockey again. :D

  6. 16 more days of hell.

  7. Is so F@#king hungover.

  8. Happy birthdya to me CDC!

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    2. campers11


      thanks everyone

    3. d^/ > _ < \^b

      d^/ > _ < \^b

      happy birthday..

    4. EB²


      happy bithday !

      have a good one !

  9. Just got back from roller hockey.... many the summer heat does not help.

  10. Creeping on my profile were ya ... That wasnt stealthy at all. :D

  11. July 1st ... HURRY THE F*&K UP!!!!!!!!

  12. Im not saying his play hasnt slipped this was back in february when im pretty sure we had a defensive break down

  13. I just saw you post on my profile now.

    You think what you need to think, but if you think Luongo is where he should be in his play, you must be seriously sick. His game has gone down SOOO much this year, and it is not about saving the breakaway or whatever, but he doest make many GREAT SAVE LUONGO saves anymore, the one again LA on the goal was amazing, but thats it. We need him to steal.....