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  1. Hard to Emotionally Invest In This League

    I really want this team to hit rock bottom, not out of spite or because i hate the team in anyway, i love the canucks. But i just want to remove the casual fan base we have the " I'll cheer for the team if they win" attitude lets stink it up for 3-4 seasons and remove that mindset. It sucks having to deal with the massive bandwagon this team has and the rest of the leagues fans know we have that massive baggage and it gives us a bad name. Im ready for a change not so much in a massive rebuild but lets dump the bandwagon off a cliff.
  2. We are a long shot to make the playoffs

    How is the miller signing bad? It's for 3 years it's not like we are locked down for, you know 10 years! I see all these people complaining that we could have spent our money better but really on what? And if we did it would have been the same crap, People complaining that they thought this was a rebuild. The scoring is there the whole Canucks organization had a shite year
  3. Ehroff is available... hmmm...

    the guy asked for like 7mil per, no effing way we should've coughed that money up.
  4. Canucks considered holding onto Kesler

    I think the one thing we can learn from the Gillis Era is to NOT hold on to a player that wants out. It becomes a soap opera and then you trade 2 starting goalies. Then what? We have a rookie in net that is going to have anxiety problems from the city's fan base.
  5. Although I would love a high draft pick I dont think it is in the management's best idea to say to the players crap the bed this season daddy needs number 1 overall because you guys are a bunch of bums. Let the season play out, we place where we place. Losing isnt fun for anyone even when you do it on purpose. If your a professional athlete you dont want to be told to lose. Tanking is unrealistic for everyone.
  6. At this point as a Canucks fan, I'm all for a shake up. Let the shockers fly Benning transform this team! Out with the old in withe new!
  7. Give kesler the C?

    lol so not trading a player that wants out is a good idea? Look at luongo, if a player comes out and says he doesn't want to play for a team it's in the best interest for the organization to move that said player. as opposed to hanging on to him with a big dark cloud looming over the other players. I'd rather have players that are not scoring that support our franchise as opposed to a selfish player who is scoring that doesn't. The seine will bounce back torts system did not support their play style. Trade Kesler.
  8. Could hodgson be reacquired?

    ... thats chinook though
  9. Multiple Warning Signs Surrounding Zack Kassian

    Because the Canucks fan base is bipolar .... just 2 weeks ago people were talking about how we were going to miss the playoffs this year..... AND SERIOUSLY THINKING WE WERE, I didn't see very many people disagree.
  10. LOL you're hilarious what are you twelve? Remove your tampon and cheer up a bit, Grouch.

  11. And you were the "ugly" child right?

  12. Just received 1500 dollars

  13. Oh sweet jeesus 1 more day of work ... then back to good ole school

  14. Hates that he wants summer to end just so there can be hockey again. :D

  15. 16 more days of hell.