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  1. I really want this team to hit rock bottom, not out of spite or because i hate the team in anyway, i love the canucks. But i just want to remove the casual fan base we have the " I'll cheer for the team if they win" attitude lets stink it up for 3-4 seasons and remove that mindset. It sucks having to deal with the massive bandwagon this team has and the rest of the leagues fans know we have that massive baggage and it gives us a bad name. Im ready for a change not so much in a massive rebuild but lets dump the bandwagon off a cliff.
  2. LOL you're hilarious what are you twelve? Remove your tampon and cheer up a bit, Grouch.

  3. And you were the "ugly" child right?

  4. Just received 1500 dollars

  5. Oh sweet jeesus 1 more day of work ... then back to good ole school

  6. Hates that he wants summer to end just so there can be hockey again. :D

  7. 16 more days of hell.

  8. Is so F@#king hungover.

  9. Happy birthdya to me CDC!

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      thanks everyone

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      d^/ > _ < \^b

      happy birthday..

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      happy bithday !

      have a good one !

  10. Just got back from roller hockey.... many the summer heat does not help.

  11. Creeping on my profile were ya ... That wasnt stealthy at all. :D

  12. July 1st ... HURRY THE F*&K UP!!!!!!!!

  13. Im not saying his play hasnt slipped this was back in february when im pretty sure we had a defensive break down