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  1. Lp . Hope its worth it ^^^^ edit: lol it was hahaha
  2. lmfao.. I can't stop laughin..
  3. lmfao the skyrim ones are $$$.. coming from someone who died and didn't save for 6 hours lol May not be Canucks memes but hillarious none the less
  4. lol also a lu fan, but a funny meme.
  5. lmfao!!!! best one in many pages
  6. what if I've already been doing that? Is there anything else left to do after that? .. Don't you hate pants?!?!
  7. here, this should help.
  8. lolololol oh my this page turned epic in a hurry..
  9. its funny cuz its true.. pvr'ing the game and watching it later to ff all the absoultely horrible commercials that are the same every bloody break is amazing.. dunno how I watched hockey before
  10. lmfao!!
  11. lollll the dallas game today was gold for this thread