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  1. eww another girl on cdc :P

  2. Was busy in the CDC draft finish tomorrow :P

  3. Its probly my hardest yet...trying to get things right...sorry its taking so long...late tonight ok?

  4. Yep make em all.

  5. You won the sticks you lucky SOB

  6. He's pulling a ALEXANDER_OVECHKIN

    I think :P

  7. When you get off your...what I can assume as your ban post like crazy to get to 20 grand...I wanna see your surprise. :P

  8. Ya when the Board message came up I was sooo confused...

  9. Apparently some people reported me because they received an advertisement from me...

    I got a advertisememnt from a guy this morning...

    Some one got it mixed up.

    It's fixed though thanks to luongo89

    (buddy at work)

  10. I got the ban removed. People meddling and or mix up.

  11. I got the ban removed, Mix up somewhere.

    And or people meddling.

  12. You can only see your own..the mods added it so you know when you have to be carefull

  13. It's a percentage until you get permanetly banned...it goes down if you you're good with time...I am at 0% becuase I am a good boy...so if you get 3 mini bans is usually enough for a full...

    3 warnings...

    1st=3 days



    I think.

  14. I deleted your comments becuase you said I hate the nucks like you which is not true...you need to leave or atleast change yours sigs....or maybe just another ignorant yank.?!

  15. I am a nucks fan...calling you an american isn't a compliment...very immature taunting fans especially on there own forum....ge tit?

  16. Your cool! Go onto a forum of a rival team and taunt them.....?

    American obviously.