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  1. I wish our most likely position was 3rd but these are the widely distributed odds for the different possibilities going into the lottery. Thing is, the odds that another team (whether ahead or behind in seeding) wins the lottery greatly outweighs the Canucks' odds for each pick. One would think that the odds for the second pick would be higher than the first pick since there is one less team in the lottery but because there is a possibility that the Canucks will win the first overall pick, the odds are adjusted to account for this scenario.
  2. The Canucks are more likely to drop to 4/5/6 than win a top 3 pick with the new lottery odds. Agreed that the Canucks should draft Matthews/Puljujarvi/Laine if they do win top 3. Need successors for the Sedins.
  3. The more compelling reason to draft a forward instead of a defenceman is that top 10 ranked dmen bust way more often than forwards. Also, a lot of great defencemen come out of the 2nd round or later due to a less predictable trajectory in terms of development.
  4. 1) Montreal 2) Calgary 3) Edmonton 4) Winnipeg 5) Ottawa 6) Vancouver 7) Toronto
  5. Virtanen Baertschi McCann Boeser Cassels Demko Corrado Gaunce Shinkaruk Brisebois Clendening Grenier Hutton Subban Pedan Tryamkin Jensen
  6. Draft Kylington/Chabot/Merkley/Boeser at 23, acquire two additional 2nd rounders and draft Dunn and Andersson/Pilon.
  7. JB needs to hire someone to do the contract negotiations for him. It's clear he gives in easily to agents' demands and made a mistake in not waiting until after the playoffs to negotiate contracts with free agents (except Tanev, who was important to lock up).
  8. Hindsight is 20/20 you fool.
  9. Major props to the Sedins for playing all 82 games this season - no other Canuck has done the same this year.
  10. I hope you get fired the next time you make a mistake on the job.
  11. As it stands, 7 points in the next 6 games in order to clinch.
  12. Nice tip. Was surprised the goal wasn't waived off, clearly a high stick from Higgins.
  13. Should have went to video review at the very least.. Hansen was bear hugged by the defenseman.