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  1. the humming of my computer
  2. Slightly better than being Rickrolled at least...

  3. haha its interesting.

  4. Okay. about "If you click this, you'll be at a happier place" ? How about that?

  5. lmfao help me think of one T.T

  6. I have a new one now, but my old one was called "Awesome Youtube Video. You've got to check it out!"

    Haha. A lot of people fell for it. Hahahaha. But if you really want people to click, you've got to make it something clever, that even you'd click. =)

  7. lmfao

    nice ;)

    what was your link called? cause mine is getting old.

  8. Haha. It's funny 'cause I had one before, the same as yours, and I still fell for it. Hahaha.

  9. yes you have haha

  10. I've just been PUNKED!

  11. Where's the funny video? Did I get Rick rolled? :(

  12. did you just put "FUNNIEST VID EVER" to lure ppl onto ur page?