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  1. tough luck nucks!..i still love ya!

  2. well the fact that the mavs won the nba championship makes me happy!..congrats dirk the jet and j kidd

  3. OMG Earthquake?

    it was just snowing there for petes sake!!..you mean to tell me pollen just starts floating around 1 week later!!..they are having a long winter just like we are..you see pollen floating around here!!..I've been to Japan and southeast Asia plenty of times to know that pollen doesn't accumulate this early!..why would the Japanese be concerned about this?..there's nothing blossoming there right now!.its too early and not enough sun..that yellow pollen usually comes from pine trees which dont pollenate till well into the sunnier warmer days just like here..
  4. OMG Earthquake?

    Really!?!?...it's winter in Japan ya noob..go back to school ..it's not pollen!
  5. OMG Earthquake?

    things just getting worse for japan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44LaGiPD-Ms&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  6. OMG Earthquake?

  7. OMG Earthquake?

    evacuations continue around nuclear plant.. source: http://nyp.st/evoQeJ
  8. OMG Earthquake?

    im with you but they are credible to an extent..its troubling when the twitter feeds are reuters,bbc,and japan today..and they all have conflicting reports..someones not being honest albeit for a good reason..
  9. OMG Earthquake?

    awww man..i gotta get off twitter..cant pull myself away..scary reports coming out.. and the people that are tweeting about this being karma for japan..shame on you!!!...absolutely disgusting!!..very scary cuz i cant even comprehend that type of mindset..on twitter pearl harbour is a trending topic..that is disgusting in itself
  10. OMG Earthquake?

    yes la mode,thats the pic i saw...it's causing quite a scare on the westcoast right now..im glad its fake but there still are conflicting reports about whats going on at these nuclear plants..to me that means it's not good news..
  11. OMG Earthquake?

    there are conflicting reports about the seriousness of the nuclear reactor problems in japan..it says on reuters and bbc twitter feed that 5 nuclear reactors in all have failed at two different plants..this is serious if true since there are also images showing the fallout would head directly towards us in about 10 days..not sure what to make about this since there are other reports on twitter that say its under control..anybody else read this?..kinda scary!!..theres also a picture showing the fallout map..cant post pics cuz im on iphone,im sure some of you have seen it tho
  12. OMG Snow?

    Flurries in tsawwassen
  13. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    Hey coach..dont coach, your not good at it..never seen you coach..don't wanna see you coach..ya can't coach,ok coach!..BIEKSA RULES!!..you said he didn't have a great game last night!?..didn't see the game but i know Bieksa's +\- is at the top of the league..he's having a great year after going through some serious injuries..the guys a warrior!!!..sad to hear your a coach..I know it's your opinion but
  14. upset about AV's indifference on the Hamhuis hit :(

    1. Kesler'sAttitude


      coach should stand behind his players whether they are right or wrong

    2. Schneider's Teeth

      Schneider's Teeth

      Jesus when will you guys stop whining? It was a clean hit. If AV calls it a dirty hit he only cements our reputation as a bunch of whiners.

    3. EmployeeoftheMonth


      He wasn't indifferent at all. He full on believes it to be a clean hit which it was. Hamhuius shouldn't have turned, their should have been a boarding call but a clean hit it was. If it wasn't then we have about 3 players who should still be serving a suspension right now.

  15. What are you listening to?

    Sunz of man..a wu tang entity..check em out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhrNoA5L3Mg&feature=youtube_gdata_player